Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Hear it First

(Taken last week before the rainslaught)

The rain that is. Of course you know that it is going to come. Even the weather gurus are getting it right this time, rain, rain and more rain.

But when you are outside trying to get something...anything...done.... the first sign of its arrival is a soft patter, like the rustling of dad's newspaper back in the day.....just before he got up from his chair to give you what for.

And then it sweeps across the land, giving you what for again. What for you tryin' to work out here? This is my land, I have taken it and I am keeping it.

And it has and it is. It has taken over all our ground and turned it into fresh churned mud, and it hangs on and clings and drips and droops and bothers all day every day. No let up from the gloom, not a single ray of sunshine.

It is ever needful to keep a fire going to dry the clothes we wear out in it, hanging over every register, dripping and drooping.

In fact that is what I was doing when the latest rain laid claim...building a fire so things would dry...while my latest set of dry things got least polar fleece sheds rain real well for a while at least.

Can you imagine? Polar fleece in May?


June said...

I don't have to worry about hearing it.
I just wait until my drive to work has come to an end. I turn off the car, and the rain starts just in time to get me wet and chilled between car and office door. :-|

lisa said...

I hate it, I was finally getting things done outside that I have been wanting to do and now all we see is rain and dreary weather and only one ride under my belt :( You are right the weather man is finally getting paid for being right.

Anonymous said...

It's springtime - any updates on the son-in-law try-outs?
- Bill

joated said...

I believe my toes are developing webs and I know I could use some of the duck's oily down feathers.

One or two days of this a week wouldn't be so bad, but Every? Stinkin'? Day?

Anonymous said...

Same here in S IN, we have had a few days this week without rain but forecast is for five more rainy days. I picked up some tomato plants at Amish greenhouse yesterday and saw he had no garden planted except a bit in a raised bed. At least we have some of our planted and doing ok. Very different from norm. linda

Jan said...

It's hard to believe I'm turning on the furnace in California in May. Morning temperatures in the damp 50s.

Linda said...

I always seem to smell it first.

threecollie said...

June, works that way for the boss too. lol He gets in the skid steer (which has a leaky roof) and it immediately begins to pour.

Lisa, same here. Planted out my rhubarb yesterday and this morning it is darned near drowned.

Bill, it is spring....and I am not sure just how to answer that question. lol

joated, one nice day yesterday and I ran around like a fool, wore myself out, could barely drag through night milking. then fell asleep in my chair. lol

Linda, planted out some rhubarb seedlings I grew from seed Beck bought me. Rained at least an inch last night and they are pretty droopy this AM.

Jan, I hear you. If I don't build a fire every couple of days the house gets so cold and damp!

Linda, in good weather I know just what you hasn't dried out enough for there to be any difference over a week. It is just always one degree of wet or another.

Cathy said...

Oh I love it! Rustling like your dad's newspaper back in the day . . .

I'm so sick of washing the mud out of the crevices of our shoes. These dang New Balance shoes can collect 2 lbs of black sand slurry with one stride. Then they wait til you're carrying in groceries and forget to kick them off.

And yes. I have pale carpeting.

Ericka said...

i still have flannel sheets on the bed. sigh.

threecollie said...

Cathy, oh, man, I feel for you. Our kitchen is paved in old, worn, painted wood, thankfully as you don't even want to know what gets tracked in here. Right now there is a forest of boots taking up about the first six feet or so. some of us wash our boots before we come in. Others not so much lol

Ericka, I hear you! Still have a huge polar fleece quilt on ours. brrr....