Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fog 'n' Deeres...John Deere that is.

We have a second hand...although some days it seems at least 19th hand...John Deere 4430 tractor. Sometimes it is a pretty nice tractor, good sized for what we do and not too bad on fuel as compared to the 4490, which is a ridiculous guzzler.

However a whole, perfect hay day yesterday was spent by the guys in running around finding out why it won't move...some big shaft that had a pin break, that trashed this big, expensive thing and that other also expensive thing...and I guess it is going to be a big, big project.


While they were at that I got some tomatoes planted....and chased truly suicidal chickens out of that little patch of dirt. They REALLY want to take that one way trip up to the Amish sale.

I think the men have some hay ready and may try to bale it with the big tractor. Sure hope so, as if there is hay in the mow, anybody can feed, as opposed to having to get green chop off a wagon with the skid steer and a tractor to run the PTO etc. Even I can clamber up in the mow and toss down a bale, although I am going to try to avoid that until such time as I can actually go outdoors without the stupid air cast on my foot. It is a big help, but it is getting old real fast. At least I can hobble around inside the house without it now, for which I am most grateful.

Meanwhile, it is another shining pearl of a foggy June morning. There is a common yellow throat wichity, wichity-ing in the box elders, an indigo bunting, cedar waxwings, and a grey catbird down below the driveway and robins everywhere. A great day to wake up in the country, tractor or no tractor.


lisa said...

You have had some problems this year and I hope things start getting better, good luck with the hay, wish you lived closer, I would bring out tractor over for you!

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

I hope some deals, bright spots come your way soon...

Ed said...

Great fog shots..:-)

threecollie said...

lisa, one thing after another. And thanks, you guys are sweet

Tina Marie, thanks!

Ed, thank you

Lisa at Greenbow said...

To me machinery are necessary evils. They always break down when you most need them.

LindaGay said...

Great fog shot! I hope your foot heals fast. It is time for good and lucky things happening to you and yours.


Terry and Linda said...

Blogger is driving me crazy. I'm having trouble comenting.


Jeffro said...

3C? Don't you be pushing your injury now, ya hear? Let it heal before you try to hobble around outside and make it worse, dangit!

threecollie said...

Lisa, boy, isn't that the truth! I hate to see the men walking towards the house with long faces. It's always something!

Linda, thanks! It was healing pretty good before last night....sorry about the commenting business. Blogger has been having some problems lately, alas

Jeffro, alas I trashed it again, indoors, last night, on a sock of all things. I had actually been going out since the day after I wrecked it, started out just running the milk pump, which the cows have been flooding out on us. I could sit in the milk house on a barrel and do that. Then I got so I could milk so I was running one machine...which I will do still, but it sure does hurt today. Thanks anyhow for your kind thought and take care out there.