Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Messin' With Their Heads

This feeder is mine! It was put up for me and members of my family and others of our ilk. It is not intended for you, you fat little feather butts, so there.
And nya, nya, nya poopoo

Move over you pointy headed little green gremlin!
There's a new gang in town and we want your sugar water!

It started with the grackles. They chased all the other birds away from the regular tube feeder out by the garden pond. Darth Raiders, storm troopers, miserable robbers of the little birds.

So I moved the small tube feeder to the sitting porch. Figured I might get some nice photos there and no way the grackles would come that close to me.

It took the little birds a week to find it, but what a carnival of colorful finches I had among the geraniums and Norfolk Island pines.

And what a mess of spent and discarded seeds too. The plants were covered with sticky hulls. You couldn't walk without them crunching under your feet.

Not working.

So I stopped filling the feeder. That was when the house finches brought their chicks and began gleaning under the shelf for scattered seeds. They were so cute!

A lot of the seeds had fallen into a little cardboard box under the shelf.

I thought...what if I put seeds in that box just for the house finch family>

I did.

They found it and brought the kids.

Then I woke up one fine morning to the chink! chink! call of a cardinal.

Yep, cardinal in the box. Cool! He comes every day too but is far too wary for photography.

Then this morning I had two house finches sitting together on the perch ring of the hummingbird feeder trying to get their beaks in the little feeding holes.

Am I messing with their minds....or are they messing with mine?

*****Update: and now the hummers and house finches are on the hummer feeder at the same time. And blogger finally let me upload pics.


Linda said... just reminded me to put out my hummer feeders although I haven't seen one yet.

Cathy said...

I'm smiling.

How you going to leave home for vacation when you've got all this fun right on your doorstep?

Jan said...

Much more fun than TV sitcoms.

June said...

What is with the birds this year???
This morning I had a little goldfinch lady sitting at the h'bird feeder!
I have never seen that before, nor heard of other kinds of birds going after the nectar.

threecollie said...

Linda, I was late this year too. I usually shoot for early April, but there really weren't many birds around then.

Cathy, lol, sometimes it actually is hard to leave it all...but the lake has so much more, with no cows to get sick, no machines to break down every single day, no grumpy old men carrying on about the machinery after they break it.

Jan, it is. Now if I could just figure out a way to get a pic of the darned cardinal

June, isn't it the oddest thing? I am getting a lot of entertainment from the house finches, especially the little one in the photo. It is quite tame and very imperious about wanting to get on the porch to eat. The older ones are quite a bit shier.

Cathy said...

I hear you :-)

We eat breakfast in a little diner out on the elbow of Cape Cod. The great gal who owns it and slings the hash and cooks the omelets - right in front of you - is a local who grew up here amidst the beach roses, fog, the steepled picturesque New England town . . . and where does she vacation?

Not here. Not where thousands of us make our annual pilgrimage.

Her main waitress - the marvelous Rosemary - takes over the cooking.

Sandi is far away in NH. And I'll bet she skips breakfast.