Friday, June 10, 2011

"Physician's" (they aren't really doctors) Committee Can't Do Math

Or maybe they "do" math, but not too awful honestly. John Bunting calls their numbers into question and backs it up with real math. A good read.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks so inviting.

Chuck Jolley said...

"Physicians" are closet vegetarians who refuse to come out of the closet. I might have some respect for them if they were upfront and honest about their goals. No, probably not.

lisa said...

Love your pond picture!

Anonymous said...

* 41% goes to feed
* 15% is exported
* About 50% goes into ethanol

Sorry, but this doesn't add up correctly.
Also they forget to tell you all the food stamp program comes out of the Farm Bill.
And wetlands? How does that come under a Farm Subsidy. Lots of BS in all of this.

Terry and Linda said...

Your yard is so lush and green. Something I can only wish for...every day I water and I get sort of green.


threecollie said...

LIsa, thanks, I have this old chair out there....

Chuck Jolley, same here. Shame on them for hiding behind their phoney name and their pseudo credentials. Thanks for visiting.

Lisa, thanks!

JB, you have an excellent point there. Man, you should subscribe to the USDA feed on Facebook. They talk about building housing and drug rehab and all sorts of similar things for "rural" people...NOTHING about actual farming, EVER! What a joke.

LInda, wish there was a way I could share. Liz's BF mows every week and does a fantastic job so my once shaggy lawn looks like a golf course. Thus I have time to play with my flowers and herbs, which is really sweet!