Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty Morning

Here at Northview. The guys are finally getting some feed put up between the stormy days. Still getting plenty of those with wild downpours that are so loud they sound like the trains across the river.

I put a weather button over the sidebar there, (only to have the html image break every day). It is from Weather Underground and still works even if the image doesn't. They say that we may actually have a stretch of good weather coming so they can get some serious chopping done. They have been working out kinks in the chopper, which is way past its best use date, and pretty much a large chunk of scrap metal with a few moving parts left.

As Alan says, there isn't a piece of machinery on the place that doesn't show evidence of farmer ingenuity somewhere in its construction. I know the old chopper is full of sheets of Patz guard and all manner of other innovative (and desperate) repair materials. Oh, well.

Long as it gets the feed chopped up and in the wagons I am happy. Hope they can bale the field that they have mowed for that. Been rained on twice, but should still make reasonable feed. We mostly used the baled hay for fiber for the cows' tummies anyhow, although the boss put up some second cutting last year that really made milk this spring. Hope they can get some more like that this year.

Since we are having all these crazy storms I am trying to learn to photograph lightning. Not too successful yet, but eventually I will probably figure it out. Also trying to get pics of the cardinal in the box. He is such a bright and cheerful...and extremely wary...guy.


June said...

It IS a pretty morning.
And I wish I could stay home and enjoy it instead of trudging off to The Big House in Small Pond for the day.

dickiebo said...

I told 'B' the weather forecast and she put the washing out. It poured down.
How was I to know it meant 'Fultonville'?????? You mighta told me! lol.

Jeffro said...

Sure wish it would warm up around here - this is about day five at well over 100 degrees, right now 103. Relative humidity 17%, dew point in the low fifties.

Is that some sort of locust tree in your pic? We've got a few.

Linda said...

Nothing like farmer/rancher ingenuity! We've got a lot of that going on around here too. Great pic!

Paintsmh said...

I was extremely grateful for the superb weather driving up 30 to Malone yesterday and back down again. Otherwise I probably would have been extremely depressed. That was a god-awful long day.

Dani said...

I would lovve to be able to shoot lightning shots too. I'm always a few seconds behind. :(

threecollie said...

June, this is the weather we normally see in June. I am loving it and getting a lot of work done.

Dickie, oh, darn, I am so sorry! I put my washing out and it dried very nicely. Please tender my apologies to B!

jeffro, staying in the 80s so far and I am grateful. The trees in the forground are staghorn sumac surrounded by box elder. In the background are cottonwoods and probably some black locust. We have a lot of black locust down by the river.

Linda, thanks!

Liz, I know. It is a long haul up there.

Dani, if you figure it out, let me know. I am going to get the tripod out and try for some fireworks tonight.