Friday, June 17, 2011

Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin

The triple-decker nest atop the front porch pillar is overflowing with robin chicks, crowded shoulder to feathery shoulder. The non-stop bug-in-beak stuffing marathon goes on all day, whether I walk through the hall way with laundry or not. They are delightful. Even their cries for food are melodious and pleasant to the ear. No mistaking that our favorite spring bird is a thrush in a gaudy vest.

This is the second brood to be reared there this spring. The first bunch fledged and were gone a few weeks ago. These three...or maybe four if someone is keeping his head down...have already cast off their fledgling down and gaping beaks and are sporting streaked chins instead and spotty breasts and bright, sharp, yellow, beaks.

I hope when they come off the nest they can avoid the cats and grackles and sharp shinned hawks that patrol the lawn to join the other patrol...the worm and grub patrol.

Or maybe they will take after their dad, the fly catcher robin that I wrote about in the Farm Side. He catches bees and bugs n the wing like a really big, awkward phoebe and is quite a sight to see.

Anyhow, I sure do like the robins. Whether they are singing at dawn and dusk and rain time or sitting on the handles of the boss's dad's old plow, announcing ownership of the back lawn in loud cheeps, they keep me company all day long. (Someone should tell the male that the catbird and the mockingbird like to sit on the plow too....really he doesn't own it at all.)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I agree that the Robin brings a lot of life to the garden. The ones that nest in our garden become so tame. They follow me around sometimes waiting to pounce on any bug I might stir with my wanterings.

Woodswalker said...

I sure do like robins, too, and I also sure like you telling us about your robins. Thanks for your always fascinating blog.

Jan said...

As much as I do like where I live now, I really miss robins. They were always such a welcome sign.

Terry and Linda said...

Like you I like the Robins, I love everything about them. When fall comes and they leave it makes me ever so sad.


Cathy said...

Keith and I agree. If we could only have one bird singing out in the lawn - it would have to be the robin.

What a perfect, lovely essay. So earth-tethered and soothing after a reallly long trip to Albany.

We passed your place in some of that rain you've been blogging about. Couldn't locate you so we didn't get to shout howdy.


Sure is pretty country. I see what inspires your writing.

Linda said...

I actually had some nest in the yard this year for a change......the shrikes didn't so they took that as a go....none have fledged yet but soon.

threecollie said...

Lisa, there is just something about them. I never get tired of having them around

WW, thank you so much. I enjoy writing it.

Jan, what a shame to not have robins. I am so sorry to hear that

Linda, same here. All fall when ours are long gone the Canadian ones drift through, reminding me of what we are missing

Cathy, sorry you missed the place. We were in a frenzy of fun with bulldozers and hay and people needing rides and new tires for the car so... Have a great time!

Linda, they sure are good company.