Monday, June 13, 2011

Soap and Muskets

A couple of assorted pairs of kids and the BF went to the Revolutionary War Re-enactment and Market Fair at Johnson Hall this weekend. Despite the rain they all had a nice time.

And this lovely lady was there again after a long hiatus. Beck bought me a couple of bars of her terrific soap. We met her some years ago at the market fair and bought some and have hoarded bits and stubs of it ever since. I still have a tiny bit of the gritty brown stuff she makes so the "Indians" at the re-enactment can produce the skin tone they want to go with their outfits. However she hasn't been at the fair the last few times I managed to get there, and the fair hasn't even been held for a couple of years so my supply has dwindled.

The Market Fair is always a lot of fun and except for the foot I probably would have gone too. The period costumes, camp with tents, suttlers, and assorted Revolution era entertainment are a terrific way to spend an afternoon. Great music, lots of cool people who really know how to have a good time and a lot of carefully researched and well-presented history. Mom and dad used to put on their Clan Montgomery Scottish dress and attend and they always looked spectacular. (Hey mom, got a good photo for me?)

The magnificent house itself is worth a good bit of time, as it is an amazing preservation of the life-styles of the rich and famous of that time. Used to be pretty much every class of school kids that came along got to make the tour and learn a lot about our area history and I can remember my first trip with my class (There were still a couple of dinosaurs roaming the woods nearby). Sir William and his son Sir John were big players here in upstate NY back in the day.

I am really tickled to have a couple of bars of freshly-made Scottish lye soap. Beck suggested I cut it into little bitty bars while it is still soft so it will last longer, so that is just what I did. You can't imagine how nice your skin feels after a wash with it......


June said...

Should you run short of natural soap again, and need a NYS source, there's always McGillycuddy's in Sharon Springs. I don't see "Scottish lye" soap, but this might endear them to you: "Each batch of our old fashion milk soap incorporates hormone-free fresh whole milk provided by a local family run dairy farm in the heart of Schoharie County, NY."

threecollie said...

June, thanks, I will give them a look. ALL milk contains hormones though, no matter what they would have you think. I know they are referring to using rBST on cows, but their claim is simply false.

June said...

Thanks for the caveat, but I always read those blurbs with my BS meter running anyway. It was the "family run dairy farm...NY" that appealed to me.

lisa said...

We thought about going but with the long trip Saturday just didn't feel up to it. Glad the kids had a good time!

Anonymous said...





I go to a sort of re-enactment every year on the Cheyenne river. It is invite only and we dress in period costume for invited artist. Lots of fun. Last for too many days!~ ;-)

Dani said...

I love going to re-anactments!!!!

I have a few Civil War pieces that I've collected through the years. My two faves are a belt buckle from a union soldier and a bracelet made from hair. The ladies would often make things like that to send off their loved ones.

threecollie said...

June, I did like that part of it. Love it when people find niche markets that work for them. The regular marketplace isn't so very kind to the farmer. I wouldn't be surprised if we know the farmers who produce the milk. Between the kids showing, college and now Liz's job as a milk inspector, we know quite a few farmers in several counties.

Lisa, I love to go and especially like to talk to the soap lady, Deb Carbone, who is very nice. I didn't feel like either walking up from the school or trying to get on and off a shuttle, so I stayed home

JB, lol, I love the stuff. I remember pics from the reenactment you do and it is pretty special. That is such a fine way to get an education about history painlessly.

Dani, I love them too and I envy the Civil War ones down your way. I read several blogs by folks who participate.

Breezey375 said...

you are ever so very welcome! i might steal some to do my face with tomorrow fyi!

Anonymous said...

As long as Jim still has his house, he would let you park in the driveway and then the walk is not so long.
I don't think I have any new Scottish garb pictures. I had one of Dad in Colonjial, in front of the court house, but I don't know where it is.

Anonymous said...

cool moon shot, love it

threecollie said...

Beck, thanks again, I am so happy with it

Mom. alas I don't know where he lives...I would love even an old pic of you and dad in full Scottish regalia. Love you!

Chloe, thanks, I can never resist the moon