Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Surfeit

The driveway from the front porch

Driveway in back

Center pic is not a creek...that is the driveway too.
So is the bottom one

Water, water everywhere. There is a water trough that was empty out has like a foot in it now....or more than..... I need to measure it. It rains so hard, several times a day, that you can't see the road in front or town or anything more than a few feet away.

Barn was flooded, cows could barely get into their stalls. It rained so hard that it was flowing down the hill behind and coming in the windows of our old bank barn, plus coming UP out of the floor through the sump pump drains...way too fast for the pumps.

Can we build a pipeline to every place that needs this? Thank God at least we live on a hill, although it all passes through on its way to the river in a great big hurry. Men can't chop for the cows, because they can't even get the tractors out of the barnyard. Pastures are getting pretty chewed down too.

I had to go the barn without my cast because I can't get my rubber boots on over it and the water was way over my leather boots. Stomping around all night without it hurt. I am going to see if Alan will drive me over in the truck today. Not to be a wienie but.....

Okay, whine over. I know there are droughts and fires and worse flooding in plenty of places. I hope whomever arranges the weather gets it figured out so they can get some rain and we can get some non-rain. Soon would be good. Now would be better.


Jinglebob said...

Years like this must be where they came up with the expression, "When it rains, it pours"! Hope things straighten out so you can make cow feed. Awful hard to get thru'a winter with out it, ain't it? And non-bovine raising people just don't understand.

Dani said...

That is way too much rain!

Floridacracker said...

Oh you tease.
We finally got our first rain in a month.

lisa said...

We saw the mohawk up north and I tell you what, it is pretty high! We are supposed to get a couple of days with no rain but then here we go again with a couple more days of rain coming in for tuesday and wednesday :( I am so glad that I don't have to feed with round bales anymore! I don't think my tractors would make it to the hay rings! We will be thinking of you up on the mountain! You be careful with that ankle!!

Terry and Linda said...

You have had the worse year(s) for rain. It just keeps hanging in there on you guys! Rain, Rain, go away, come again a later day!


chickenfarmer said...

Just 3 miles to the South of you, I was watching that storm. We got about 5 drops of rain with plenty of changing wind. Not enough to even wet the grass, but there was a BIG black cloud, not very far up between you and us with much activity within, including lightening. The bottom of that cloud was just dipping, diving and churning, as if there were a giant eggbeater inside.

Sandcastle Momma said...

We got a 5 minute sprinkle last night but that's all we've had in a while. The pipeline is a good idea LOL My grandmother always said "The Good Lord willin and the creek don't rise I'll be there"
That driveway of yours sure looks like a risen creek!

Linda said...

That's bad. Hope it gets better for you and you get your hay up and your foot healed.

Jeffro said...

Dang. It's always something - too dry, too wet. Not enough money is about the only constant. Hope y'all get dried out and get some feed socked away.

threecollie said...

JB, we caught a couple of hours of dry weather so they could at least get enough feed for all the animals...which was good. Looks like it is awful out in North Dakota

Dani, it really is'

FC, I love your little water sources. Here just about every inch is a water source. Guess we have yours and ours too.

Lisa, I'll bet it is something. Did you get pics? I haven't been downtown in a while, as Alan always has my car, so I don't know how high it is here. Bet there are a lot of trees in it now.

Linda, like the snow out your way. The whole country seems to be experiencing a variety of really lousy weather. I know it is worse a lot of places than here, but it drives me nuts when we can't get feed. Not that the animals don't get something, but not enough

Lee, isn't that the craziest thing! We will be shut down with an all day rain and the guys up your way will be baling. Guess we have our own personal little black cloud or something. Sure was nice to see you the other day and I hope you can stop down again. And thanks for the paper. For some reason we can't get it delivered no matter how much we complain and it sells out down street by 10AM a lot of weeks.

SCMomma, it did! We had just finished bulldozing out the mess left by a soggy winter and a spring full of this kind of weather. Guess the bulldozer rental guy is going to love us. Wish we could send you some...rain that is....

Linda, thank you. Hoping foot will come around camp week when I don't have to milk twice a day. I get around pretty good in the house, but the barn not so great.

Jeffro, thanks! You take care of have a very fond audience

Broken Barn Industries said...

I gotta cringe every time I read about your foot. I broke my leg in late September. Couldn't have been a better time of year- I was all healed up by spring. I only "farm" flowers so my work is not as crucial as yours. None of my shoes or boots fit quite right so I understand what you're going through!