Monday, July 25, 2011


Not so much to the future as to the same old, same old. The John Deere 4430 has once again earned its reputation as one of the worst tractors we have ever owned. Will not be buying green again I do not think. Major issues this time requiring splitting the tractor to repair it and having a rental to keep working at the hay. We need to trade that junk in!

Two of Alan's friends were in a regional medical center when we left for camp, one with a life-threatening illness and the other with terrible injuries from a motorcycle/deer accident. Both are moving in the right direction, which is wonderful news, although they still need prayers. Over the past few weeks the power of prayer has been demonstrated a number of times, which are not mine to mention, although I am sure grateful for the outcomes. Hope things turn out all right for these two nice boys.

A pretty day today, a lot less humid and much cooler, for which I am grateful. I am sure the cows will be too. They hate the heat and don't do well in it. Liz and the boss had five cows in season in one day while we were gone and didn't even breed hot there wasn't much likelihood of them conceiving anyhow. We had a heifer to breed yesterday, one that was running out with the cows. She obligingly came in the barn without being asked, but wouldn't leave when we were done. Amazingly, although she is not trained to lead, she let Liz throw a halter on her and ambled out of the barn behind her, as tame as a kitten. Too bad she isn't a pretty one to show, as she is evidently came from the factory already halter-broken.

****Unless I get a chance to pause in the cleaning up a week's worth of Godawful mess in the house and barn to get out the camera I am going to go with more pics from camp for a bit. Above is Becky with the bubble stuff she so cleverly grabbed at the Dollar Store for camp....and Alan, blowing bubbles with scissors and a cut off soda bottle. The bubbles were brilliant...there isn't much that can add to the serenity of a clear, blue mountain lake, but bubbles, floating way down the lake on the breeze do the job nicely.

Hark! I hear a wren! I wondered where the heck they had gone......first one this summer.


Jeff said...

Oh, the joy of PTO troubles. I have an IH 1066 that lost the PTO clutches last week, but it's an easy fix on our big red tractor. I was a JD fan for a long time- but once I started farming more ground, I found that IH (and derivatives) are the cheapest best running stuff around! (Our primary tractors here are a 1066 and a farmall 400 diesel)

threecollie said...

Jeff, same deal here. The guys really would like to buy a 1066. Maybe we need to trade. lol

Floridacracker said...

I'm glad you are home safe and those friends are mending.

I hope the lake did it's magic.
Sorry to hear about that tractor pain.

lisa said...

I sure do miss the lake already! We sure had fun coming over and visiting with you this week! Miss being able to do that already!

Cathy said...

We blew bubble on vacation, too! If you don't love bubbles floating across a lawn or a pond - you've lost touch with the kid in you :)

Large machines are an amazement. And when they don't work . . . . can't imagine the frustration.

Sure hope those young people continue to mend.

Linda said...

I'm glad your back. Tractor trouble is terrible this time of year especially! I hope Allan's friends are truly on the mend!

NumberWise said...

Yes, please - more vacation photos and stories! You certainly deserved that week at the lake. I'd enjoy reading about what books you read, who visited, how you got through those brutally hot days, etc. Although I've only visited you there twice (briefly), I can feel the peace when I read your posts and study the photos. A virtual vacation!

threecollie said...

FC, it was touch and go...I am so glad for them. The lake did all that was asked of it..what a wonderful place! Thanks

Lisa, same here. The memories are golden!

Cathy, they were a whole lot more than a buck's worth of fun! One boy is out of the woods and back to work. It is going to be a long haul for the other, but he is heading in the right direction

Linda, I am beginning to hate that darned John Deere, one problem after another...and thanks

NW, your wish is my command or so they say. lol Nothing but a pleasure to remember the good times.

Terry and Linda said...

Just wrote a whole long piece and blogger dumped me out. GRRRRR

Sorry about the Deere. I wish we were closer and could come on over and help.