Monday, July 11, 2011

Cows Hate Mud

So you can just imagine how they are loving this summer. We pay extra when we buy their grain to have a special kind of zinc included to strengthen and improve their hooves and help them fight lameness. Still a few of them are getting tender feet just from walking in the godawful swamps produced by all the rain.

They also get a fancy (and expensive) mineral pack added to their grain so that every bite they eat helps them stay healthy and do the best they can. Their selenium is the best organically derived kind too. (Meanwhile their valets buy generic vitamins at Wally World).

A balanced diet is so important to them, so we shop for the best grain we can find.


Jeffro said...

Out here in the semi arid desert, the cows enjoy a sojourn into a big mudhole or shallow pond to cool off. However, they aren't fighting mud everywhere they walk.

Terry and Linda said...

I found this post interesting. Now I sound like a spammer. But, Really I did.


Jan said...

You'd think they would be a little more grateful than some of them seem to be. :-)

Ann said...

LOL you paint their nails/hooves too?

For the cows sake, I hope you have a looong hot summer. We are having the opposite here. Another tornado.

threecollie said...

Jeffro, we saw that when we went to auction school in Missouri. Around here it is unusual to see cows in a pond, but we saw them all over there.

Linda, thanks, I know you are never a spammer. lol

Jan, you'd think, wouldn't you. lol

Ann, so sorry about your tornado! We actually do paint their hooves when they go to the show. The ones with red or white hooves get clear and the black ones get black.