Friday, July 01, 2011

Nationwide Chicken Massacre


We lost a hen last night up on the bowling green (yes, this old Victorian homestead sports an actual bowling green...not that, other than mowing it, we have a clue what to do with it.)

It was one of the silver-laced Wyandottes that Teri gave us...the last one. She is also having problems with predators getting her birds.

I have mixed emotions. The hens are wrecking my garden, slurping up bean seedlings before they finish emerging from the ground. Still, she was a pretty old thing....

Then I read Fuzzy's Friday blog and discovered that hens are coming under attack way out west too. What is the world coming to?


Anonymous said...

I think it's KFC.... All the foxes are jealous and trying to make their own...

Terry and Linda said...

I hate losing my birds...and I hate that the predators come into the farm!


threecollie said...

Anon, Still....I do prefer my chicken cooed first

Linda, Same here! And they are so bold! We had a grey fox out in broad daylight the other day right on the lawn. and there were big tracks in the fresh mud this morning on the way to the barn. Hoping it was just a really large raccoon, but it could have been that blasted fisher back. Oh, well, hope nothing gets any more of your birds!