Saturday, July 30, 2011

Registrations and Thunderstorms

See that thundercloud...just floating there, placid and pretty, but threatening all sorts of interesting weather? I'm starting to get phone calls about the current NYS increases in all the fees and such on various state registrations, boats, snowmobiles, trail fees, launch maintenance fees......(and technically these aren't even tax increases). I've had folks call just to vent about their school tax bills down in Amsterdam too. NY voters are getting nailed every time they turn around.

In fact, I only bought a seven-day fishing license this year because the price had gone up so much.

I am thinking that the NY voting public is kinda like that thundercloud, just hanging around all calm and innocent right now. However, when the actual tax bills do come in this fall, I think there are going to be some interesting reactions then too. I don't imagine the weather will be too nice in Albany.


Rev. Paul said...

"I don't imagine the weather will be too nice in Albany."

I sincerely hope not. The sooner that the elected overlords learn that the voters are actually able to do something about what's going on, the sooner they might start to behave themselves.

joated said...

If Albany pols would get off their collective butts and do something positive about opening up drilling for Marcellus shale gas, they wouldn't have to raise taxes so damn much. More people at work = more people paying taxes. Gas companies also pay whopping huge tax bills on the stuff coming out of the ground.

Instead the down state nany staters hear the word "frack" and cry "No! No! No!" all the way to the poor house. And that's despite the proven safety of the haydrolic fraking out west and soon in PA.

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, so many of these fee increases only bother the little guy. Like almost doubling the fishing license. Fifteen bucks means a lot to someone working at a guaranteed job with a big salary from Albany, not so much.

joated, I am with you on that. They need to do it in as safe a manner as possible but for Heaven's sake, the state needs the economic boost and everybody needs the fuel.