Saturday, July 23, 2011

Still More...

Photos from camp. I watched the sun come up this day.

It is amazing how quickly it goes from being just a bright orange glow in the east to half to whole.

And there are even more here.


Matt said...

Great Photos !

Rev. Paul said...

I am SO jealous of those pics. Well done!

NumberWise said...

Lovely! The photos are great, and I enjoy the little bits of info about your daily life at camp - like the beaver!

threecollie said...

Matt, thanks

Rev. Paul, thanks...I miss there already.

NW, thanks, I wrote a column, but didn't send it because Becky sent it in for me. I will go fix that now....if I can. lol

Terry and Linda said...

Your Sunday Stills are just perfect...snow and all in this heat. Camp was also perfect...nothing to worry about or to have a care about.