Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A good porch is like a tonic. You can step out there full of worry and care, brimming over with problems and pains.
In a word...glum...

Then the sun peeks out from behind a bank of foggy clouds.

Company arrives.

Light mantles the land like a glowing golden blanket.....and along with the light and the birds and the beauty and joy, comes peace, stealing in on the song of a secret catbird singing in the grape vine, sliding home on a carpet of dew, creeping up to curl in your lap like a contented cat.......

Yeah, I love a good porch.


Dani said...

Such beauty all around you!

June said...

There's nothing like being still and looking at green hills and animals (that you don't need to care for) and sunshine to fix what ails you.

joated said...

I'm with ya on that porch loving.

Rev. Paul said...

I'd have trouble leaving a view like that. Beautiful.

Cathy said...

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

Northview Diary poetry. Prose and pictures.

Beautiful, TC.

I, too, love the 'sense' of porches so much that I incorporated the word on my license plate.

Little Seed Farm said...

AMEN! Nothin' like a good porch. We have to use our roof for now... but one day!

threecollie said...

Dani, sure was a nice morning

June, I think the creature are really thriving during this cool, wet year too. We see so many and the birds are bringing off brood after brood and seem to be raising lots of young

Joated, my favorite spot this time of year

Rev. Paul, thanks, I like it out there

Cathy, thanks! That is so cool about your license plate.

LSF, good luck on someday finding your farm home and having a porch to sit and contemplate your day.