Saturday, July 02, 2011


Cleaned the bull's water tub and refilled it. He seemed quite grateful to have clean fresh water. I didn't know what to tell him. He is the one who backs up and uses it for a potty. Who said bulls were smart?

Shoveled all the ashes out of the outdoor wood stove and started a new fire.

Weeded and staked tomatoes.

Spelunked for the second planting of green beans. Not a one to be found. Something is definitely eating them and I am thinking chickens.

Cut brush around the water faucet where you turn the hoses on to water stock. I hate ticks and being brushed by weeds like that makes me think they are crawling all over me.

Photographed yellow warblers (while trying to photograph indigo buntings who were hiding.)

Laundry, you can't beat days when it is dry enough to get several bunches dry on the line.

Meatloaf and gravy. An accidental recipe that everyone likes so I made it two nights in a row. (Got to enjoy Jade's "meatloaf face"...guess he liked it.)

Chores and milking both ends of day.

Wasted time on the computer. Playing Zuma Blitz on Facebook.

And at my worst moment felt way smarter than the guys in the photo above. I saw the two ultralights coming at me when I was on the porch with the camera, night before last. As I watched they came THAT close to one another. Yowsa!

****Update: also watched an incredible fireworks show. From bed. By merely turning my head toward the window. The race track next door held one for the holiday and it was a humdinger. I tried to get enough gumption to go down and get the camera and try for some pics for Sunday Stills. Nope...none there...gumption that is .
We did worry about what the cows' reaction to that fusillade over their heads might be...and of course they were in the pasture nearest the track and the show.
Hope they are still in the fence this morning.

****Update 2: half a herd of cows at the barn door this morning. The other half had gone walkabout. Fortunately they stayed on our land and just feasted on sorghum and grass. Notably all the cows that have been to the Fonda Fair and lived through the fireworks show right over the barn were among the ones at the door.


Dani said...

Your yard birds are beautiful!

Sandcastle Momma said...

While it must be annoying to have a racetrack behind you it's also really cool to watch fireworks from your bed! How sweet is that?
I hope the cows didn't freak though.

Jan said...

As always you make me feel like a complete slacker when you recount your day's activities.:>)

Anonymous said...

Love reading your posts daily. I cannot get my beans up in IN, either and it is not chickens. I am supecting robins but they have never done it for this long. Then there is the farm spraying across the road, too cool earlier, and too hot now. What a year!But we need beans. linda

threecollie said...

Dani, thanks, I am enjoying them immensely this summer!

SCmomma, We actually have race tracks on both sides. lol. Fonda Speedway, which is a biggie and Glen Ridge which is new and up and coming. The cows did panic and run over to another pasture (through the fence of course) but they were fine. Thanks

Jan, sounds like so much more than it is. lol

threecollie said...

LInda, sorry I missed your comment. I think the darned chickens are eating them or something. Last year was the best bean year ever...this year...not so much.

Terry and Linda said...

That was amazingly close...I'm glad you didn't see a wreck!


Paintsmh said...

Might also be the 10k bunnies that are in both your gardens every evening lol though a few of my chickens are being very very naughty!