Monday, August 22, 2011


Teeny Leetle Spider Guy

It makes me happy to learn new things. These things do not need to be useful in any brain is a old granny's attic crammed with pointless clutter. However, interesting, odd, cool, unique, yeah, even totally meaningless in the grand scheme of things trivia, that is treasure to me.

Some of the stuff that has come my way this summer:

Female cardinals sing too. Thanks to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for this little tidbit. No wonder it seems as if we have so many of them each winter.

Leave the landscape alone if you visit Hawaii. Pele prefers it apparently. There are places where you can return anything you inadvertently remove....especially lava rock.

There is in fact a cloud appreciation society (and so there should be). Thanks to Cathy, I now know that you can go to their website to view staggeringly lovely photos of all sorts of clouds. Do not miss the opportunity to sooth your soul with their sweet and sensuous photos. Here is one of Cathy's.

I have also learned a few creepy crawly buggy things and a couple of new butterflies, and maybe a bird call or two, bad things that can go wrong with tractor engines and transmissions (there are a lot and they are all expensive and nasty) and a couple of new recipes, but the above three are my favorites so far this summer.


Woodswalker said...

You live such a rich and wonder-filled life, and have such a gift for sharing it with us. Thanks for this. Every time I click on that now-bookmarked cloud site, and hear those sweet clear cardinal songs, I will think of you.

Caroline said...

OMG! Granny's attic...that is absolutely me!
We are channeling again, check blogpost :o)

Sandcastle Momma said...

I love the Granny's attic sentiment!

Hubby knows a lot of trivia and whenever people ask how he knows something he'll say "I know lots of things - that's just one of them"

Cathy said...

We surely do share the love of "learning new things" - even if they won't get the dinner cooked or the laundry done :)

I just googled a particular moth whose larva flings its feces(frass) a distance 38 times its body length in order to defeat its predators detecting its presence by a too-close latrine. The appendages that assist this process are referred to as 'anal combs.'

You can't make this stuff up!

(That talented moth larva is that of the Silver-spotted skipper)

Delightful post. You took the words right outta my mouth. Sister.

threecollie said...

WW, we are lucky in that, something we need to remember when everything starts going to heck around here. lol

Caroline, it is amazing! And kinda cool

SC momma, thanks, it is useful for Trivial Pursuit if nothing else. lol Your hubby sounds like a fun guy...heck I like your whole family, albeit from afar.

Cathy, now that is pretty neat and I am going to have to look it up! I am not so much of an insect person, preferring herps and birds, but I still like to learn about them.

Terry and Linda said...

I didn't know about the cloud society...I ADORE clouds so I'm zipping right over there and putting them in my favorites and then pushing the Feed button...I THANK you so very Much!