Monday, August 01, 2011

Dreaming of Cows

Cows all day....nightcows capering through all the hours of sleep and dreams (who needs mares anyhow?). I dreamed of Balsam last night; Alan's old show cow. Dreamed she was held hostage in a warehouse somewhere in the city, ready to have a calf. Unkind men were trying to put her in some kind of squeeze chute, but they kept missing and catching her in the middle instead of by the neck.

She was all riled up and panting and frightened and I was mad about it all. I walked up to her where she was hiding in the warehouse corner, put my arm around her, and led her wherever she needed to be. She was glad of me and wrapped her neck around me and stretched out her mile-long tongue to pull me closer.

And you know, I don't think anyone is ever going to kidnap the old girl and hold her in a warehouse, but she is just that lovely dovey. Whenever she is turned out of her tie stall to go to pasture she waits to be petted before she leaves. And she loves Alan and will wrap her big neck around him if he walks up to her outside to hold him there.....

I'm glad that with the coming of the dawn the dream let go of me and the bad guys let go of our poor hostage cow...... now she is back in her pasture asleep in the woods or gobbling down haylage, oblivious entirely to her adventurous affair of the night.


lisa said...

Now I call that married to the job. (just kidding) I guess dreaming of cows is a whole lot better than dreaming about all the other problems that await us when we wake up that is for sure! I think those are the kind of dreams to have but makes you wonder what the heck you dreaming that kind of dream ;)

Jan said...

You have totally changed my perception of cows.

I saw one with a really sweet face at the fair and I thought about putting my arms around her, then I remembered the part about different personalities and decided not to.

threecollie said...

lisa, I usually dream of outwitting bad guys so the cow was a refreshing change. lol

Jan, probably a good choice. some of them love attention, some not so much. One of our nicest looking cows will probably never go to another show. Last year she became so tired of kids pestering her at the fair that she became kind of this year she is staying home.

Cathy said...

What to make of the human heart, our feelings for animals and the night domain wherein our helpless hearts are drug hither and thither?

I could go on, but then you'd be collapsed sleeping on your keyboard :-D

Truly. That is a touching recounting of your night wanderings.

Dang. We do get tossed around, don't we?

threecollie said...

Cathy, been dreaming of the animals every night. Don't know what is up with that.