Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fair Update

Liz milking her now retired show cow, Mandy, in the Altamont milking parlor in 2007

The cows and calves are all moved and vet checked in (including Monday...the state veterinarian agreed that it was just a scrape) and settled into the fair. Alas, a lot of Lizzie's feed and bedding got rained on. It rained and rained and rained. I need to get a rain gauge so I can tell how much.

This much I can tell you; it was a lot. So much that the left-at-home-cow's switches, which are normally kind of greyish and dingy unless you wash them with laundry detergent, which we do at the fair, were all white and fluffy. Also all stringy and wet, the better to slap you across the face, whap, whap, whack!

Rosie settled right in. She went to the show last year and knows the routine...lots of soft, fluffy rye straw (which she proceeded to eat instead of her hay), all the other good stuff she can eat, lots of brushing and scrubbing and clipping etc. Most cows love the show.

Liz had the challenge of taking Moments and Monday through the milking parlor. We have an old fashioned stanchion and tie stall barn and neither of them was ever shown before. As far as that goes they had only been led a few times. They had to be coaxed to enter the railings and bars of the place and then let themselves be milked. Moments didn't let her milk down, so I'll bet she will be glad to be milked this morning. They get used to it quickly and the fair has a very nice parlor so all will be fine I'm sure.

Sadly, it is pouring again, but hopefully there will be a bit better weather tomorrow. Thursday is show day...wish us luck....with the weather if nothing else.


Dani said...

Sending good fair vibes!

Keith Wilson said...

I just subscribed to the Recorder (for myself and Cathy) so we can read your columns.

Just read "A full Plate" and enjoyed it. I am trying to figure out how I can get to older editions to read columns from the past.

Enjoy the fair; and know that you now have two more avid column-readers!

Cathy said...

Oh yes! Much good luck!
And rain rain go away . . . .!

threecollie said...

Dani, thanks, so far so good, except that Rosie is stomping on Liz in her enthusiasm for all that fun

Keith, wow, that is really cool. Farm Side generally runs on Fridays, except when movie scouts make me clean house instead of meeting deadline. I haven't used the newspaper site in a while, but I used to just look for it on previous Fridays. Hope you find what you want

Cathy, thanks, the rain is getting ridiculous!