Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the Good Old

Summertime peaks about now, with warm, humid days and sultry, torpid nights. The hay in the horse barn fills the air with the faint scent of cinnamon and tiny, new toads dot dot dot through wet morning grass on their way to bugs unlimited.

Here in the Northeast, hints of autumn abound. Robins are getting pretty scarce, although you hear one every now and then. Ours raised three broods on the porch and in the nearby cedars this year, but they are waning now, like the strawberries of June.

Just the other day a scattering of killdeers formed up into a fresh flock and vanished to the south, screaming all the way.

Geese will soon straggle down to the river and cruise the corn fields for spilled kernels. The days grow shorter at an appalling pace, with each morning darker than the one before. The sun, which has been rising well to the north of the big spruce in the neighbors’ yard, is inching its way back south again. By the time it reaches the winter nadir it will rise, already tangled in the branches of the hillside trees, cold, and grim and plumb unwelcoming.

And so we cling to what is left of the season and hope for more of the good days. I will have a few more updates from the fair a little later today. Take care.


lisa said...

I can't believe that the summer is just about over and looks like the fair is going good.

Dani said...

Seems like y'all just got over winter!

Jinglebob said...

This time of year is melancholy to me.

Linda said...

Same thing here too.......the mornings feel quite "fallish". I love fall but the thought of winter...............:(

Linda said...

Our robins are gone. I randomly see one now and again, but it is more like they are just passing through. I so very much dread winter :(


Caroline said...

3C-check out the hummer picture on my blog did we get the same photo 1800 miles apart???

Cathy said...

Well. You took my sense of this time of year right out of my head and heart and - once again - left me shaking my head with appreciation.

Your sensitive observations of your surroundings as you move through the year resonate with me so profoundly.

And always the light touch :)

" . . and tiny, new toads dot dot dot through wet morning grass on their way to bugs unlimited."

Keith Wilson said...

Okay, that's it.
Quit your daytime job NOW. Say your goodbyes to the cows (at least for a while- they will understand) and head to your nearest coffee shop and WRITE.

You are a fantastic writer. Write a novel. Or - a book about everyday nature (see Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek).

You bring late summer to life in a very vivid, descriptive, wonderful way.

Jeffro said...

How lyrical! Thank you for sharing!

threecollie said...

Lisa, it is swirling away so fast! Dark when I get up now.....

Dani, short summer up here for sure!

JB, I know just what you mean. We still have a lot of summer yet, but you can feel that it is going.

Linda, same here. Love fall, hate winter. I don't even really mind the early part of winter, but once it gets into January I've had enough of it. Ready for spring, but it takes a long time coming

Linda, I don't think the ones I am seeing are ours either, just some passing by from the north. I hate winter as well. Hate even thinking about it.

Caroline, I can't believe it! Sure made me smile. And I love your blog and linked so I can read regularly.

Cathy, thank you so very much. This was actually written to be the first part of this week's Farm Side, but I had a different idea and didn't want to waste it, so I put it here instead. lol

Keith, you and Cathy are so kind to me...and your words mean a lot. I actually started my writing career, if you would call it that, backwards and wrote my novel first. I keep meaning to rewrite it and e publish (I sent it to several paper publishers back when I wrote it) but time is never my friend. Anyhow, thank you

Jeffro, thank you for reading!

Jinglebob said...

You wrote a novel? And you never told us? shame on you!Don't you know self publishing is the way to go? I wouod love to read some of it!

threecollie said...

JB, wish it had been so easy to do back when I wrote it. I will hunt around and see if I can find the notebook it is in and maybe type some of it out on here. Although I didn't get it published people did read it and liked it okay I guess.