Friday, August 26, 2011


Peacock Cumulonimbus

Seems the Hurricane from Hell is on its way. Prayers for everyone and everything in its projected path...Upstate NY is expected to only get lots of far they are saying six inches.

That would be about par for the course this summer. I have dumped that much and more out of the wheelbarrow several times. It is still wet enough here...and has been almost all summer...that the tractor tires push water in front of them in the hay fields. Heck it rained its little heart out yesterday, so much so that the hummingbirds came and sat on the porch and shivered. A song sparrow found the little box of sunflower seeds I keep under the shelf and came in off and on all day, so bedraggled you barely tell what it was. I'm afraid the cardinals are going to damp off like tomato seedlings, they are so wet when they visit.

A good day for nagging I guess. Hopefully maybe convincing the guys to fill the wagons with extra feed for the cows, stock up on a few every day essentials (like dog and cat food!) Batten down the hatches and the horses and all.

And of course the fair starts Wednesday...our own fair, right across the river in Fonda...Frankly I am dreading it. Traffic has been hellacious all summer due to the construction. It plumb boggles the mind to add in the fair. Liz is taking Bling and hopefully it will actually be possible to get over there to take care of her. Incidentally some folks who saw Rosie at the other fair showed some interest in buying her, but not for what I want to get. I am not that interested in selling her anyhow, but we always get offers on her after a show for some reason.

Hang in there all!


lisa said...

We have decided not to go on out to Il at this time, maybe wait until Monday to make sure everything here makes it through the storm! Good luck up on the mountain, and we will be getting ready here too!

Rebecca Mecomber said...

.....six inches?

I'd better get a third sump pump, for sure.

Forecasters here in CNY are dearth on details. I think they are afraid. Forecasting has been a tough job this year.

Cathy said...

Of course they want Rosie!
She's beautiful :)

Our son in NH seems to be under the direct path of that storm.

threecollie said...

Lisa, probably a good choice. Take care!

Rebecca, now they are saying up to ten inches. Lordy!

Cathy, oh, I hope he will be okay. I have a bad feeling on this one. Hope I'm wrong!

Terry and Linda said...

Terry and my prayers are with you!