Saturday, August 20, 2011

Living with Ruby

Throated hummingbirds that is. Our pair had a pair I think, of playful youngsters that tumble through the air like pups. They are as tame as pups too, as long as I don't touch the camera. They like me just fine, but that big black eye is way too scary.

They come to sit on the hooks at the top of the hanging flower baskets when I am on the porch. (there is not room to hang them all, so they provide perfect little perches for perfect little birds.)

They are so very curious. I was awaiting a storm yesterday while shooting unusual clouds and succulent flowers. They came, buzzing like bombers, flipping like a deck of cards. Around and around my head, close, only inches away. Then one sat down in the variegated pink geranium, right next to me. She looked me up and down, tipping her pointy chin, then tucking it into her feathers, then whirring purposefully away, only to return for just one more peek.

I think maybe we bird watchers are a bit arrogant in thinking we are the only ones. I think she goes back to the Mountain Ash tree where she keeps her tiny field guide and turns the little pages, trying to learn more about the creature she has found...hmmmm....what is it...what is it?.

I think yesterday she put me on her life list..... ticking off the field marks....slightly bent steel rimmed glasses (don't drop them and step on them while taking pictures of bugs) Check...

Soft, blue chambray shirt...check....bare feet check.

Yep, sure enough, it is one of those fat old farmer ladies var. bluejeaniensis. Wow, never thought I would see one of those....Check.


Anonymous said...

What an imagination. Your Father & I both love it!
Mom and Dad

Rev. Paul said...

You never know; perhaps Ruby's list is now complete!

bekahjane said...

cheers :)

Earl said...


wv -hyart (yes, high art)

Jeffro said...

Nope - Hellavu good photographer and writer were checked. Trust me.

Floridacracker said...

Funny! I wonder what hummers fill their human feeders with?

NumberWise said...

Laugh-out-loud funny! I read it to my mother, and she enjoyed it, too.

Recently a hummingbird found my feeder - a rare occurrence for me. It sampled the sugar water and then flew straight at my face. It hovered a few feet away, turning this way and that, as though it was checking me out - so I enjoyed your post from a personal perspective as well!

threecollie said...

Mom and dad, thanks, they are such whimsical little birds. I love having them close

Rev. Paul, I wonder...

Bekahjane, thanks, you too.

Earl, thank you too.

Jefrro, well, thanks, if I ever find that little field guide I will take a peek and see.

FC, cookies! I hope, I hope! lol

NW, aren't they a delight! I feel honored and special whenever they come in to check me out.

Cathy said...


I really wish you'd submit this to Birdwatcher's Digest. Surely they have some venue for it.

You took that funny little looking-around thing that hummingbirds do and spun it into the sweetest little tale of people watching - imaginable.



threecollie said...

Cathy, thank you so much for the vote of confidence. I am not sure how that is done, but I will try to look into it and thanks again. I love the little critters!

Terry and Linda said...