Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pickle Pirates

We started digging garlic this week

We love Refrigerator Dill Pickles We made some last year from a great online recipe and then we lost it.

Today, after hours of searching, we found a substitute and made a batch from cukes Jade's grandpa sent down.

The house smells so good. Garlic, vinegar, dill and cucumbers........they sure go good together. It reminds the boss and me of when we were kids and our mamas canned. Do you remember coming home to the scent of bubbling jam, or new-made pickles or hot, sugary peaches? My mom made such wonderful stuff when we were kids and I love it when something we cook brings those memories back.

These pickles look good too.

They are supposed to season in the fridge for 24 hours, but an infestation of sneaky pickle pirates has been creeping around poking grabby fingers in the bowl.

I must confess, I am not immune to that syndrome, and besides, you really do need to check to see if a new recipe is as good as the old one.

I also admit to never actually following recipes, or at least not too closely, so there is no mustard seed in our batch, I used dried dill and cut the sugar a lot. Didn't have any of the first two and didn't want the pickles to be too sweet. Didn't bother with bay leaves either.

So far they fall on the irresistible side of the nomming scale and had to be securely wrapped up and hidden in the bottom of the fridge so that it may be possible to see how they taste tomorrow.

The best part is that I still have half a bag of cucumbers, so if the pirates capture these I can make more tomorrow.


Floridacracker said...

I love fridge pickles! We make the recipe from the Dinosaur BBQ cookbook, but you could go there and get the real thing ... it's in Syracuse, NY.

Rev. Paul said...

"...if the pirates capture these I can make more tomorrow."

That's good planning, right there.

Earl said...

My favorite Summer salad is sliced cucumbers in vinegar with sesame seeds and such. Cool after a hot run down the road... having mine now.

wv - beachype is the Summer secret word

Jan said...

I have so many memories of my mother's pickles that were supposed to cure in the crock for two weeks. Sometime after week one they would all be gone.

I'll always wonder if they were better at the end of two weeks.

Anonymous said...

I used to can a lot but have about stopped now. my grandma used to make salt pickles that she put in a stone jar with grape leaves on top and they sit in the cellar for 2 or 3 weeks before they were ready. they were a real treat when we visited her. would love to have one now but don't know the recipe.

joated said...

Is that the link to the recipe you tried?

We've got a few cukes to try it on. (Wonder if you can use zucchini?)

Woodswalker said...

Oh man! My mouth is watering!

Cathy said...

I'm drooling. I swear. Ummmmmm . . . .

Dani said...

They wouldn't last long in my fridge either.

threecollie said...

fC, the Boss's son stops there now and then. I have never been.

Rev. Paul, got to get some vinegar

Earl, I love them that way too, but I can't eat them raw, a failing that has run in our family for generations going back to the old country.. Love the WV, what a perfect word! lol

Jan, some things you just never know. Those of us fortunate enough to have grown up with mothers who put up food and cooked and all are truly fortunate!

Anon, they sound wonderful. I am so sorry that we lost the recipe we used last year. This new recipe is good, but not quite as good.

Joated, it is. I doctored it up a bit, but that is basically what we did. We did stumble upon a number of recipes for various zucchini pickles

WW, it was torment to wait with the house full of their of course the girls waited just long enough for the bright green to go dark and then started eating them. lol

Cathy, I think I was too...for hours. I just took them out of the bowl I made them in to put them in a jar and the house smells like them again...

Dani, I expect that they will be mostly gone by tonight. I will share with the grower of cucumbers and the purveyor of cucumbers and people were eating them for breakfast so....