Friday, August 05, 2011

The Reason for the Uproar

Home, sweet, too-noisy, home

I waited to ask if it was all right to tell what was going on Wednesday and it is so....

The call from economic development was about Universal Pictures wanting an old house for a location for an upcoming movie. I am assuming that the highway and train noise cancelled out our chances of being chosen, but we had a representative of the studio here taking pics of the place, which was really pretty much fun.

Except for the cleaning part, of course. If I liked to clean, we wouldn't have had to clean, if you get my drift.

Had Northview been chosen we would have had to deal with moving out for two months and assorted attendant hassles. Considering how much stuff we own, and little matters like dogs and cats and running a business which requires our continuous presence, that would have been a pretty staggering prospect, so I am cool with the too-much-noise conclusion.

I get to tell a fairly amazing (and amusing in retrospect) story while staying in my messy, but comfortable home. I can live with that.


June said...

The thought of having to clean out everything and . . . would you have had to move the animals, too?!?!?!?
Boy, thatzalotta house!

lisa said...

I think that was pretty awesome! We love your house and the hubby always said that it would be pretty neat to own it. You are lucky even if it can be pretty drafty in the winter!

joated said...

Aha! Thought so. Lovely house, too bad such major commercial routes--canal, railroad, thruway--pass by so closely.

Might have been interesting, even with the temporary displacement, to see what if anything the film crews might do to fix up the place to their liking.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I love your house!! Glad you didn't have to move but I can see where yours would be a great house for a movie.

Jan said...

That is the kind of house I daydream about living in...except for the cleaning and heating part.

Michelle said...

Your house is amazing!!!

Floridacracker said...

It's a damn castle, that's what it is!

My friend's house got used in the "Doc Holiday" movie and they received free remodeling in the area used.

It's the porch swing scene by the way.

Jeffro said...

Wow! I kinda know someone sorta almost famous!

Do you have secret passages in that home sweet home? That house is just plain classy!

threecollie said...

June, it would be pretty mind boggling and you know who would have to do most of

Lisa, thanks, we are fond of it.

joated, you nailed it. Thanks, I think it might have been interesting too and it sure could use some fixing. Alas, the noise is so constant that it wakes me up if there is a lull in the traffic.

SCMomma, thanks. It has been considered before, for a horror movie, but my late in laws wanted nothing to do with it.

Jan, OMG, it is a big job, taking care of it, and hardly ever gets done.

Michelle, thanks!

FC, that's what my dad calls it. If I ever see that movie I will make sure to notice the porch. They can remodel my porch any time they want to. Any of my porches. lol

Jeffro, I do get my picture in the paper every week...except for the weeks when I am speed clean instead of making deadline on the Farm Side. lol No secret passages that we know of, but there are some very illogical features, such as what seems to be a boarded up window or door in a place where neither belongs. We have always wondered...

Dani said...

Your house is AWESOME!

Cathy said...

OMG! This is toooooo cool!
I LOVE your house. It has more character in one square inch of shingle than exists in 10 square miles of suburban sprawl.

Terry and Linda said...

Wow! That is cool. And you have an amazing house. I would have thought they would have jumped at the chance to use it. I wonder what the film crew would have thought about COWS and Tractors! That would have been a hoot.


threecollie said...

Dani, thanks, badly in need of paint, alas

Cathy, sure gave us something to talk (and laugh) about. Thanks for your kind words

Linda, sadly it is pretty noisy here, enough so that it wakes me up when the traffic stops. can't imagine what the movie type folks would have thought about the critters, barnyard smells, etc. Kinda mind boggling, isn't it? lol

Freste said...

Holy Christmas!
That's a beautiful home, TC!!!
Even with the magnets and buckshot on the kitchen table, it's a castle as FC said.
Moving all the stuff might have been a pain, but if they want it bad enough, they can pay people to move it for you. Not like they are pinching any pennies.
Anyhoo, I love your home!

threecollie said...

Thanks, Steve..we love it too. As I said, mixed emotions about not being chosen. We already fill our hours pretty effectively. lol