Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Stills...Macro Shots

The peacocks are molting




Collage of what's in bloom

Tiger lily

The macro challenge is always my favorite.

For more Sunday Stills....


Anonymous said...

A very nice variety of macro shots. I really liked the water droplets, and the shroom shots. Nice job. :)

June said...

I liked the rain photo too.
I ALWAYS like close, close shots of water drops . . . bright, shiny little crystal globes!

lisa said...

I loved all your pictures! That first one is pretty cool! I agree I love macro's.

Ed said...

Great shots, what are the balloon looking things in the last shot..?:-)

Jinglebob said...


WildBlack said...

Awesome shots! :D Tiger lily is my fav :)

Oregon Equestrian said...

I, too, love the raindrops. And the bee!

Linda said...

Great shots....the Chinese Lantern would be nice as a macro when it turns .

Just Ramblin' said...

I love these macro shots. I love water shots so your rain drops have to be my favorite. : )

Cathy said...

Yes. Macro. It causes us to 'see' the world in ways we otherwise would/ could not.

YEARS ago I took a drawing course which required me to visualize flowers, trees, cooking pots - by climbing in and out among the surfaces.

I 'saw' like I'd never seen before.

That's what your pictures do for me.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous close ups! I love the paper lantern plant!

Janice said...

Nicely done, don't have a fav they are all great.

achieve1dream said...

Those are great! I like the rain one. :D

Sofia said...

Excellent job!

threecollie said...

dibear, thanks, I can never resist rain drops

June, thank you, same here

Lisa, thanks, they are so much fun!

Ed, thanks, they are ground cherries, just pesky weeds, but cool looking

JB, thanks!

WB, thanks, I love the way they seed themselves and spread around the yard.

OE, thanks, it was so nice to see a honey bee. They are getting so rare.

LInda, thanks, alas,it is just a ground cherry and will just wither away without ever getting pretty.

JR, thanks, I love macros!

Cathy, thanks, I know just what you mean. I took a painting class too, years ago, wherein our first task was to paint a tiny section of a cluttered still life...just to learn to look. It changed how I looked at things.

danardoyle, thanks, they look cool this time of year

Janice, thanks!

Achieve, thanks, I can never resist rain drops

Sofia, thanks!

Ann said...

never seen a peanut with such a stuuby tail.

threecollie said...

Ann, it is a feather off his neck. He actually has a very long tail, but hasn't started shedding those feathers yet.