Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Long, Long, Time Ago, On This Very Day

Folks said that they were much too young to fall in love.

It didn't matter to them. They knew better.

Folks didn't believe that they would make it, but they knew better.

My brothers and I thought that they didn't see what we got up to and maybe we sneaked something by them. They knew better.

And now, sixty years later, they are still in love and proud of it, glad of the family they have raised and delighted to be together still, despite all that life has thrown at them.

And I am proud and thankful to be their daughter.

Happy 60th anniversary, Mom and Dad.

Here is a quote from Mom's Facebook page (yeah, my mama does Facebook) "Tomorrow is our 60th Wedding Anniversary. I think we are going to make it!
They told us we were too young, but we are still in love, have three wonderful children, nine exceptional grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren."

You go mom!


Dani said...

How very wonderful!

joated said...

Sixty years! Wow! Congratulations to the two of them.

Dan Weaver said...

Congratulations to your mom and dad.

Cathy said...

It really is heart-warming to hear of a couple who are still happily together after 60 years.

Congratulations to your precious parents.

Anonymous said...

Thank you daughter for the kind wishes and words.
You know you, and your brothers are cherished by us.
Dad took me back to "the scene of the crime", St Patrick's church, for Mass today. It was a lot different from 60 years ago, but very nice. Love, mom

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Congratulations on 60 years! So refreshing to hear these days.

threecollie said...

Thank you all for your kind thoughts. Mom and dad, we love you!

Terry and Linda said...

60 years!!! YAY!!!!!