Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hawk Cam

Got sucked into the Cornell Red-tailed hawk live cam this morning. I need to work. I need to step away from the computer screen.

But, but, but.......

It is simply incredible to watch the hawk brooding her young and incubating her still-hatching eggs...even when she is just sitting there with the wing tugging at her wing and tail feathers and rustling the greenery in her nest.

Check it out! for yourself


Cathy said...

Whose delightful egg in our pix?

And I soooo understand your addiction to the hawk webcam. Just in the last couple days a friend sent me to this cam.

Beware. After the ad (which you can skip after a few seconds) you'll not believe the way they pan off and on the eagle's nest - toward a pasture of horses, a creek below the 1400 lb. nest . . . it's just unbelievable.

threecollie said...

Cathy, alas I don't know my eggs, but it was out there in the grass looking all fragile and blue so I took its picture. Will take a look at the cam today. thanks!