Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ice Washed

We had temperatures in the nineties just a couple of days ago...and we had a killing, hard, hard frost last night and morning brought ice on everything. Glad we don't have anything planted.

However, the Ice Follies daffodils, which have naturalized all over the long lawn hill, look a bit the worse for wear.

And oh, happy day, Google was busy last night. I now have both the new post editor here and the new Gmail. I can't help it, I hate change just for the sake thereof. I will learn to use them, but I wish I didn't have to.


TenMile said...

Even worse, they stuffed it down our throats.

Jeff said...

These changes wouldn't be nearly so bad if they let us choose- and I HATE some of the features in the new gmail, especially for multiple account sign in. They moved everything just a little bit, so now I have to retrain myself yet again!

Ruth said...

hate it hate it hate it. Sigh.

Oh, and about half my broccli has survived the frost, but I've not checked the fruit bushes or trees yet...

joated said...

Only 30 degrees yesterday (Wednesday) morning but 40 degrees today (Thursday). No visible frost either day. Only thing different is the direction of the breeze. Currently it's out of the SW; yesterday it was from the NE.

As for the changes on Blogger, they look...incomplete. Nice and clean, but more like a newly finished and unfurnished warehouse than a happy, lived in domicile.

threecollie said...

Tenmile, every time we turn around some geek somewhere is making our online life more annoying than it has to be

Jeff, exactly! They kept changing me to the new Gmail, but as long as I could revert back all was good. I have virtually abandoned Yahoo since they messed up their mailbox. The new Google interface is so bright it makes my eyes crings

Ruth, ditto, and so sorry about your broccoli. What a weird year!