Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is it Possible to Outsmart a Dog?

Well,  you can try. As usual, yesterday, I would really rather have done something interesting, like hoe up the garden for some peas or see how the men are coming along with the big fence. However, bookkeeping is relentless and I have writing chores to complete if I want to get paid.

So, inside it was for most of the day. And a crazy little puppy who wanted me to playplayplayplay was not much help. I needed to go through two checking accounts for a certain set of checks, work which I hate with a passion, plus at least start the Farm Side. 

It is not, however, fair to keep Gil in his crate all the time while Becky is at work...and he is an unbelievable distraction, barking, peeing, and dragging everything he can get his teeth into all over the place.

He was driving me nuts. (I know, I know, it's not a long trip, )

Finally I took a plastic milk crate, stuffed every single one of his toys inside, and set it in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Wow! It kept him busy for hours, digging out his favorite towel, finding his nasty elephant man so he could grind his teeth on its eyeballs, unearthing his tennis ball, and extracting his yogurt cup so he could make sure for the thousandth time that there wasn't any yogurt left inside. He totally entertained himself, without a single bark or hose down of the kitchen floor. For ages.

It was great. It was also so funny that I still didn't get much work done, but what are you gonna do? That's what puppies are for.


Ruth said...

hah, it'd probly work on Apollo too, except he see's us stuffing his toys into a basket and goes ballistic and steals the basket and tears all the toys out and then tries to hide the basket from us...

Terry and Linda said...

Yep...I would have been right there with you lapping up all of his puppy tricks for my own enjoyment!


Cathy said...

Wonderful observation about the drudgery and joys of day to day.

If I ever entertain a puppy again . . . that milk crate was inspired. Your account made me smile with memories.

And darlin' . . . it's not '"a long trip " for a lot of us ;)

Jan said...

Have you tried a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and a few kibbles? It keeps them busy, but you won't be able to stop watching.

Anonymous said...

Now you just need to train him to put them back in the crate when he's done. The last black lab I had would do that. We'd just tell her to "put it away" and she would.


Linda said...

He's a cute one thats for sure. Keep focused now....y'here!

threecollie said...

Ruth, that is hilarious! What a guy!

LInda, he makes it so hard for me to get anything else done. lol

Cathy, thanks! I was thinking about you guys today and how much I have enjoyed getting to "know" brighten my life.

Jan, there is a Kong in his future as soon as someone gets some place where they sell them. lol He needs constructive work...even if it keeps me from getting any done.

AKA, that is really cool. I am planning on trying to teach him to do so, but I have my doubts.

Linda, I'll try