Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ocean View Sale Catalog

Can be seen here

Or here I think this one is a little easier to use.

Online bidding

These cows are just breathtaking, icons of the Holstein breed. We have used a number of Ocean View bulls over the years and they have made us some fine daughters. Mandy, Lemonade, Camry and Foolish are just a few of our Ocean-View bred animals. Liz visited the farm while she was in college and brought home a lot of great photos and wonderful memories.

Just paging down the catalog, looking at those gorgeous cattle and reading those world-famous names gave me cold chills....really....


Jeffro said...

Seeing this reminded me of a cattle company where Dad bought some bulls and still sends me the occasional newsletter. The Pharo Cattle Company has quite an interesting philosophy about raising cattle that makes sense to me - increasing production beyond what the ranch can maintain doesn't make any money. Check out their "Our History" and "Philosophies" pages if ya have time.

Cathy said...

Aha! I see. I kept searching the first gorgeous link for prices . . . then I followed the second link.

One must bid on these cows.

Wow. They're beautiful to my untrained eye . . I can imagine what you must be seeing in these lovely gals :)

threecollie said...

Jeffro, I took a look at it and will go back to read more. Very interesting and I thank you

Cathy, yeah, it will be a real time auction. How I would love to be there! Heck I would love to even get a real paper catalog just to read. Fabulous cows!