Monday, May 21, 2012


Species of spring birds so far seen from the house yard and walk to the barn, oops, 33, with the red-tailed hawk. And the boss has seen two pairs of Harriers up in the field. I'm not counting them because I haven't seen them myself from down here, but they are out there.

The boss baled a little hay yesterday while the girls and I got started on chores. It was SPARSE! I am hearing and seeing the same thing from a lot of folks. I think all the rain last year leached nutrients from the soil in a big way. All the big boys were going great guns when we went down to Coby to get groceries yesterday. Fields were full of tractors, racing around like ants on a marshmallow and hay was getting chopped at a mind-boggling rate.

We don't move that fast here at Northview, more of a slow plod with the whole two steps forward and one step back thing a lot. Still some hay got moved, so all is good. Jade mowed the lawn so I have my golf course back too.

And the boy got home for a few hours yesterday, which was good for his mom's heart.


Cathy said...

33 !!!!!

Lordy. I 'may' have 8 in my neighborhood this morning. Oh wait! Make it 9 . A mallard pair from the local pond waddle over here for bread crumbs.

Truly. You live in a patch of paradise.

Wish my boy could get home on weekends. I know how good that is for your heart :)

Rev. Paul said...

Sounds like you mostly had steps forward, this time. Our greenery is slow to erupt this year - leaves aren't very big yet - because even though it's warm & sunny, the ground is still frozen just a few inches down.

lisa said...

The boys will be home a lot longer this coming weekend! I love that first picture!

Cathy said...

G'mornin !

Make it 10 species in my yard today!

Just heard a black-throated green warbler singing.

23 more and I, too. will be in paradise ;-D

threecollie said...

Cathy, we are fortunate in the mixture of habitat. It does bring them in.
I am being very scrupulous in my counting too..there are a lot more birds out there that I can't quite identify from their calls

Rev. Paul, frozen...ugh!

Lisa, thanks. I am missing those guys, can't wait to see them

Cathy, I am green with warbler envy. I don't know them by their call and one would be a lifer for me.

Cathy said...

OK. You've got to have yellow warblers nesting in the shrubby areas maybe down closer to the river.

"Sweet sweet I'm so sweet".

Hope this link works:

threecollie said...

Cathy, we do have yellows nesting all around the place. Earlier a whole flock visited and checked out nesting sites. I am pretty sure now that we have at least four pairs. Also several common yellow throats. However, I have never seen a black-throated green and have been actively looking for one to add to my life list. Trying to learn the song, but it isn't particularly distinctive, at least to my lack of an ear for music.

Terry and Linda said...

You really do live in a world full of birds...lovely!


Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

Oh! So glad you got yellow warblers. Seemed to me with your great surroundings that you had to. I love the common yellow-throat, too.

Once you've heard the black-throated green you'll know it forever. Very distinctive in the flesh . . er, that would be 'in the feather'. Truly.

It was the first warbler I ID on my own.

zoo-zee, zoo-zoo-zee :)

threecollie said...

Cathy, by the end of summer the yellows will come right up to the bushes by the windows. They are such pretty little birds.