Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bird, Bird, Bird.....Oops, Not Bird

 Male Baltimore Oriole

 Eastern Kingbird above

Bird number 34 below, male rose-breasted grosbeak
Sylvilagus floridanus


Dani said...

It's bird crazy there this time of year!

Rev. Paul said...

"... nottabird"


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post I haven't seen any of these birds in a while here in central FL. My best bird today was a Bob white quail. I only heard it, but they have many predators and it was a thrill to hear it calling. I do have your not a bird in my woods and 2 dogs who are natural hunters,so be alert big bunny!,

Cathy said...

Actually, I'm about as envious of that not-a-bird as I am of that oriole.
(Not really:) . . . but! I haven't seen a rabbit in my neighborhood in a very long time. Perhaps the feral cats are extirpating them 'cause I don't think we've got foxes.

threecollie said...

Dani, I love it when you put up birds with IDs. You see so many amazing things!

Rev. Paul, he has a blond woodchuck buddy of whom I am not all that fond. Garden marauders all!

Anon, I envy your bobwhite! I haven't seen, or heard, one up here since I was a kid. How I loved hearing them call! Thanks for visiting.

Cathy, we have enough to share.....along with foxes, far too many foxes, deer too.

Terry and Linda said...