Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mud Bogging

With cows is not much fun. Little Velvet of near death fame did it again night before last. When Liz and I brought down the cows for morning milking yesterday, she was found up to her elbows in muck in a swampy place and absolutely unable to move. There was no way to get a tractor or skid steer anywhere near her because of all this lovely rain so the four of them...boss and kids...pulled her up on dry ground by main strength. (Other cows have been walking there for decades.....)

Once again she wouldn't get up.

Come evening chores the girls went up and rolled her up on her chest. Still wouldn't get up.

After milking they went up with some medicine for her. She took one look at the syringe and calmly clambered to her feet....effortlessly..... and strolled down to greet them. They took her halter, led her down to the barn, hand milked her because she wouldn't step up in her stall, and locked her in the barn yard for the night. She was entirely content to munch on a big pile of Uncle Rich's best hay and commune with the pen heifers.

See these grey hairs? My kids didn't do it. It was cows.

Meanwhile, the boy is back in NYC and much missed. It is pouring and predicted to do so for a good while. (I shudder to see it rain. Wasn't last year bad enough?) 

Still I am sitting here at the kitchen table with the door open and cold, wet air rolling in, listening to the birds calling (no peacock cacophony today )and enjoying the fresh, bright way it smells. I have seen 27 species of birds in the past week without ever leaving the house and barn yard. Pretty cool.


Ruth said...

After last year....every time they predict rain I cringe. I know some areas were dry this spring, but not me, my lawn finally dried enough we could mow the entire thing without getting the tractor stuck!

Linda said...

You can send the rain our way....a little heat would be nice too. We're still short on birds and I've only come across one ducks nest which is highly unusual.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be nice if you had a "LIKE" button on your blog. Then I could just like it like i do on facebook!
Liz is really excited about that little pony! Sire and dam are really good looking. Hope she turns well for you all. Love you.

Jan said...

I had no idea until I started reading your blog that cows were anything other than contented creatures doing the farmers' bidding.

Terry and Linda said...

Geez, here you are drowning and we in desperate need, I wish we could switch for a week. A week would be nice for both of us. Then back to our NORMAL (not this weather) our NORMAL weather!


lisa said...

That is pretty cool. I haven't had to to even think about the birds, I need to get ready for my hummers to come back!

threecollie said...

Ruth, everyone keeps giving me hell for worrying about the rain. If they had watched local counties devastated and had neighbors lose everything and even die in the water they might think differently.

Linda, cold here too alas, but I would gladly share the rain.

Mom, wish I knew how to put one there. I like the idea too. Love you

Jan, they are nice critters sometimes and somethings they are the most perverse creatures known to man. I like them though

Linda, once in a while we have a few days of normal weather...but they are so rare. Wish we could share the darned rain

Lisa, it is so nice to have them back. Glad you are nearly done with school and will be free soon to enjoy the summer