Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Rain, Cows to Breed, Green and Growing

I hate to even think welcoming thoughts about rain, it scares me, but it was getting dry again. Heather and Pecan were playing merry-go-round last night and will need to be serviced this morning. 

Hoping Heather will have one more calf, but if she doesn't she has earned her retirement. Liz will take her up where Jade pastures his horse and she can live out her days there. The boss has decreed that Mandy can stay right here even though she will probably never milk again. 

As I write this I can look out the window over the sink to see the cows striding down to the gate to come in to be milked. They are slicking up quick on nice, green grass.

Anyhow, the rain is getting the grass bumped up to full speed, especially since it has warmed up a little....been pretty cold the past couple of weeks. Lilacs are coming into bloom, apples and pears look as if they survived the multiple frosts over the past few nights. I surely hope so.


Cathy said...

No kidding? The lilacs are just coming into bloom? Wow. Ours here in northern Ohio have been out a least a week.

Ericka said...

"playing merry-go-round" is that a euphamism?

huh. our lilacs here around chicago are about done. we had a truly epic dandylion crop this year though.

Jeffro said...

I missed it - was in IA and MN, but the farm got over two inches of rain last night. It also got pounded by hail and a tornado went through. Such is life.

threecollie said...

Cathy, just barely. I am hoping the rain and warm weather brings them on

Ericka, it is indeed, both in season and circling wildly...

Jeffro, glad you got some rain, not so thrilled about the tornado. Scary things.