Monday, May 14, 2012

Rain with Orioles

 Growing up and beginning to outgrow some of the helldogginess.
 He will now sit at the pointing of a finger..........sometimes.......

Kinda creepy out, low-hanging clouds leaking slowly, spreading gloom and mud in their wake....a plane is rumbling by, seems to be flying very slowly, or maybe just the sound is going slowly. The Orioles are stabbing the oranges, ripping out the red-gold hearts-how cool to so perfectly match the food....although I don't suppose that I would like to resemble either a steak or a potato...oh, wait.

We keep Velvet in the barnyard every night, so she stays out of the swamp in the night pasture. Thinking about running a temporary fence around that puppy. Never been a problem before, but years of rain seem to have changed that.

One of the reasons those robins get so emotional when I go out on the porch

At least it is green, an almost eye-searing green, I can't stop looking at it.

Stay dry!


lisa said...

We still have to get the pump going on the pond yet but the area around the pond sure is looking good. I wish I had the lily pads that you have!

Linda said...

I had to laugh at emotional robins.....that about sums up the irritated birds when they're nesting;)

June said...

What happened to the round fluffy little puppy you had? This one is cute, but where'd the other guy go?

Cathy said...

Aww . . Gil is just about an adolescent.

And speaking of awkward stages . . aren't baby birds the funniest looking creatures evah?

threecollie said...

Lisa, Matt said you had some problems with the pond. So sorry to hear it. I know your area around it is very beautiful. I think I have the lilies because I never empty the pond. Takes a lot of water care to get it going in the spring....

Linda, they are nuts! They can't decide whether I am harmless or a demon outta Hell

June, he is in there somewhere. And demon spawn is teething real hard now and he is just as grumpy as a baby

Cathy, you sure can see the dinosaur coming out in them!