Saturday, May 05, 2012

Scraps of Spring

Wake up robins, phoebes in the eaves, woodchucks on the lawn, tulips here and there...but what's up with the vultures?


Cathy said...

" . .what's up with the vultures?"

I won't go there. I'm having a dark day.

BUT! A glorious post as spring pushes back at other notions :)

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Dani said...

Such pretty green!

Keith Wilson said...

Ground hogs and wood chucks

We have families of them at our country house. The babies come out and sit in the grass under the flag and chew on everything.
Across the road from us is a heard of cattle. Cathy and I listen to the cows chewing, playing, and watch them thru every season.
But - are the large ground hog holes a danger to the cows? Broken legs?
Or do they all just get along and enjoy each others company?

Terry and Linda said...

We have a turkey buzzard tree also! I love your photos...Yes you can! SPRING in all it's glory!


threecollie said...

Cathy, so sorry about your dark day. Believe me, I understand! I hope you can soon enjoy the wonders of spring, which help much to dispel the gloom

Dani, I can't get enough of it!

Keith, the holes certainly can be a danger to animals. I once saw a horse running down a hill put her foot in one and somersault. (She was fine, but could easily have been badly injured). That is one aspect of having coyotes around. they eat all the woodchucks they can and we have far fewer holes now.

Linda, thanks! Yay, spring! I couldn't believe the birds around today. Three days ago nothing; now migrants showing up by the hour