Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Twenty Feet

From the clothesline a buttercup-bright yellow warbler collects dandelion fluff til his beak looks like a pillow fight. Somebody is sure going to have a cozy nest.

Then the line jumps in my hand....a song sparrow lands, right beside me. He glares and grabs a sunflower seed and jumps back into the sky. 

And that is what I get for leaving the camera indoors.


joated said...

Or in the car. Or back home. (Because you never see anything anyway on those short walks.)

When will they perfect a cyborg-like camera that you can have implanted so as to never, ever be without it when that one special, magical moment occurs?

Woodswalker said...

My dear, you don't need a camera to capture these magical moments and convey them so wonderfully.

Cathy said...

Ah! But had you HAD the camera handy . . you would not have been so blessed.

(That's what I tell myself when having a wistful regret like you :)

And after all. You did get some lovely poetry out of the magic.

Linda said...

I've said it before...YOU are a wonderful wordsmith!

threecollie said...

Joated Exactly what I have been wishing for! I see so many cool things every single day and I simply can't carry anything as fragile as the camera to most of the places I go.

WW, thanks, I sure never have it when the good stuff happens. lol

Thanks, Cathy, and that sure is the truth. I took it with me to the barn this morning, which I rarely do because of the risk of damaging it, and didn't get a few minute to shoot anything at all

Linda, thank you so much!