Friday, June 08, 2012

Catbird with Rainbows

 Both flying and skying


Angela said...

I love your bird pictures. In particular, the hummingbirds. Beautiful!

Cathy said...

My last comment ended up in the wrong aisle. Well. Here tis again. Wouldn't want you to miss my brilliants takes on existence:)

Aha!! A rainbow. So! It's not raining there ALL the time. Looks like you may have had an . . oh . . ummm . . . . 3 minute respite ? :)

threecollie said...

Angela, thank you. They are so delightfully tame this summer. We were all on the porch last night talking and they had to fly between the kids' heads to get to the feeder, yet they still came to join us.

Cathy, and believe me I would not want to miss them. It was a nice rainbow too but I am lousy at photographing them.