Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Cedar Waxwing peeping out at us

Bird number fifty showed itself late yesterday afternoon. It was raining in a dull and dreary fashion, but the yard was alive with birds, including lots of LLBs that just wouldn't show themselves.

Crows having a discussion

I was watching and listening carefully, when I heard the diagnostic "wheep" call from the old horse pasture. I watched the area from whence it came and saw something about the right size. Yup, there it was, a great crested flycatcher. It engaged in a racing argument with a smaller flycatcher...could have been a phoebe...was NOT the willow flycatcher that frequents the same spot. Then it obligingly sat about as still as a flycatcher ever sits while I got a good, long look.

My little friend, the willow flycatcher

Just color me tickled pink. There are a lot of birds around that I am not getting identified so I don't think the count will stay at fifty very long.

The catbird seat

Wish you could have seen the fireflies the night before last. It was just after dark when I went out on the porch, just to listen and enjoy the fine, gentle breeze. There they were in their hundreds sparkling everywhere you cared to look. When we were kids we simply had to catch all we could and put them in jars with holes punched in the top by some obliging adult. Now it is enough just to see them.


June said...

I'm loving the lightning bugs too. They're one thing that seems to surprise me with their annual arrival before I start to look for them. They're just magic, aren't they?

Ruth said...

I LOVE seeing the selection of birds.

Fireflys: had one in my car as I was driving home at 1am the other night, he was sitting on my ceiling just out of normal range of vision about distracting!

Cathy said...

50! Keep goin'!!

And yes . . fireflies (lightning bugs in Ohio) . . one of the loveliest memories of childhood.

Rev. Paul said...

I miss lightning bugs ... don't have 'em up here. :(

lisa said...

You brought back some memories with the color me pink quote! Good for you on the fifty.

Terry and Linda said...

We don't have fireflies here, I wish we did, I loved them when we would go to Texas when I was a child!


threecollie said...

June, funny thing, it is the same with me. They catch me all unsuspecting every summer and are all the more delightful because of it.

Ruth, thanks! I can imagine that it must have been quite a distraction indeed! Morse code in the car

Cathy, I am trying! It was pretty windy yesterday so I didn't see much although I got some blurry shots of a cedar waxwing fighting with a piece of string.

Rev. Paul, wow, that is a shame. I can hardly imagine not having them.

Lisa, thanks!

Linda, aw, that's too bad. I kind of take them for granted on one hand and on the other they are one of life's little delights.