Monday, June 04, 2012

Okay, I Promise

I won't whine about the weather. It's out there and it hasn't changed, although we did catch a few minutes of sun...or at least less cloudy...yesterday. Nuff said.

The boy got home for a short time...less than a whole day because they are working Saturdays on top of the 12-hour week days. It was really fun though. We sat in the kitchen Saturday night enjoying an adult beverage while he regaled us with hilarious tales of life in the big city as seen through the eyes of a bred in the bone country boy.

Laughter is good. We laughed. A lot. He helped with milking last night and it was so nice to have a tall person to unhook my milk lines in the high stalls. Becky will, but I hate to ask. I am not a tall person, shortest pup in the litter, alas, and it is really hard to get the milkers unhooked in those last two stalls. I can plug them in, but getting them down requires essentially hanging by one hand, feet on the stall curb, while I try to get the hose off the milk line with the other hand. Not pretty. I don't miss it when I don't have to do it.

We are getting a routine for dealing with his absence worked out though. We still give Liz her night off. Becky feeds the calves and milks her string and I just do mine alone. Not a problem for me, really although she has quite a lot more than normal. I have the longest string of milkers, roughly twice the cows in the other two groups, so usually the help is welcome, but I can still keep up alone. Back in the day I milked 150 with just one helper so the few we have now is pretty small potatoes.

Beck and I just go ahead and milk most of our mornings off though, unless he gets a decent length of weekend. No big deal for us and not fair to him to have to work for us after weeks like this past one. 


Terry and Linda said...

Milking 150 head, by yourself! Whew! And that is twice a day (or do you do three times) every day, rain or shine, holiday or not, sick or well, happy or sad...every day!

I'm linking to you today. I'm posting about the Barn Swallows I got mad at awhile back.

Just so you know.


cecilia g said...

good morning.. well Linda sent me over to visit and boy am i glad to find you. My Ayrshire heifer (a very tall heifer) ) is due to calve any day, Neither she nor I have ever milked before and I am so looking forward to learning on the job. One is enough for me in the meantime i think!! c

threecollie said...

LInda, the 150 were back when I was much younger and sprier and worked for another farm to the north of here. We have far fewer than that here. Thanks so much for your kind words

Celia g, thanks for stopping by. I hope all goes well with your first milk cow. Nothing like your own fresh milk!

lisa said...

I sure know how you feel about being the shortest! You sure do have a special son. When I talk to the hubby and if he is in the truck with him he always tells me, I love you Aunt Lisa!

threecollie said...

LIsa, your husband always says hi when Al calls me too. In fact he did this mornings....and yes, it was refreshing when Mappy and you got married and I wasn't the shortest any more. lol