Friday, June 22, 2012

Son of a Pup

Waiting for his "mama"

The boy's uncle, who is truly a prince among men, has picked him up in NJ and is bringing him home. It takes a pretty special person to drop everything and drive about 8 hours round trip like that. Thanks, Mappy, you are a good 'un. He had his truck towed, dunno what the verdict is there yet.

The pup has been to the vet, a new vet to us, and is back home. Not sure what is going on, but thinks he will be okay, thankfully. He now has antibiotics and anti-nausea meds and can have some food tonight. Can't wait until he feels well enough to act his usually naughty little self.

The little wretch has had vomiting and accompanying back end symptoms, but is enough better to be hungry. He knows he gets biscuits in trade for object of theft so he is being hell on the towels and hats. Dagnabit.

Anyhow, we are still full of lots of worries, but not quite as many.


joated said...

Hope Alan's truck needs only minor work before it's up and running. Good to have a family member willing to to the round trip to haul him home, though.

Also hope the pup is feeling better soon.

And that your days become a little less worry filled.

Ruth said...

What food (brand wise) do you feed? If its one that was part of the recent recall, even if the bag wasn't, have the vet test a fecal sample for salmonella.

Crossing fingers for both pup and truck!

Rev. Paul said...

What they said, especially about "less worry-filled".

Mappy said...

You is welcome sister . That boy is pretty special to me too !!!
Love you both !!!!

Terry and Linda said...

Crossing my fingers for good news on both the puppy and the truck!


Jan said...

Sometimes puppies have to work out their plumbing problems and usually they do it quite successfully.

What a great family you have.

June said...

I'm glad Gil's feeling good enough to be a PITA again. A sick puppy is a sad, sad, sad thing.

June said...

Oh, yes....and I'm glad Alan's safe and on the way home. Never having had a human son, I was instantly more concerned about the dog.

threecollie said...

Joated, thanks, alas it is the transmission on the truck. He just put a lot of money into it a couple of weeks ago. Looking for some kind of clunker as he has to get to work in Jersey Tuesday. Pup seems to be improving. How those little critter steal your heart! We were all so worried about him yesterday

Ruth, thanks, Tractor Supply Retriever. Wasn't on the recall but the vet took samples to test for parasites and bacteria so we will see. He is on an antibiotic now and and a tummy drug. At least he kept his dinner down and begged (he sits like a statue) when I was getting dinner last night. I was sorry not to give him anything.

Rev. Paul, thank you

Mappy, you saved him a very great deal of difficulty yesterday, so thanks again.

Linda, thanks, what a day!

Jan, oddly the vet had no idea what was wrong with him, although he is sending out a fecal for some tests. It was the first time we have taken a pet to him and Becky thought he was nice enough, but he refuses to treat pets unless spayed or neutered so he won't be going there forever. We feel that with a purebred dog chosen from a quality breed that decision should remain with the owner.

June, I was so happy to hear Becky hollering at him for biting her ankles last night. lol And thanks for your kind thoughts on Alan. I trusted him to solve the situation on his own...with the help of his uncle, who is like a second dad to him, but I still had to worry. He is home safe now.

Ruth said...

They often don't have a clue whats wrong when its diarrhea and vomiting. Other than checks for parasites and intestinal obstructions they hand over antibiotics and maybe anti vomiting stuff and tell you to feed them bland for several days. I went through it not to far back with one of mine...though in retrospect I'm thinking we should have tested for salmonella as the cats food ended up on the recall list and the puppy kept eating it....