Saturday, June 02, 2012

Weather License

Jack, the pony

Rain should have to wear a collar, license and vaccination tags....or at least be when your rain shows up at our house, I can send it back to where you are too dry. Then we won't be too wet.

Alas, it knows no such constraint. After about four days of the most glorious weather imaginable, weather wherein just taking a breath of the bright fresh air is a conscious joy, weather that brings morning skies like peaches, air redolent with a billion blossoms, birds by the dozens, and hay actually getting baled, it is raining again.

And every time it rains this gets stuck and keeps raining for a week. It is cold, and dank, and gloomy. And I am going to be darned sorry I took the plastic off all the windows on my side of the barn, because we are going to freeze doing chores. But it is so dark with the windows on and I wanted to let in the light.

Okay, enough whining. I know a lot of you would give whatever it took to have this rain (and trust me I would give it to you). At least it is Saturday, which tends to be followed by Sunday. Even if our boy has to stay in the city and I don't get the morning off, at least I can goof off all day tomorrow in my comfy Sunday chair. I think I will build a fire in the wood boiler again. I was nagging the boss to shut it off for the summer, but I am kinda glad he didn't. 

Stay safe!


Linda said...

We could use the rain. I love your lemony Iris.

Cathy said...

Our son passed your place yesterday on his way back to NH. He said the weather was glorious. No rain!!

Terry and Linda said...

That little pony has to be great fun!

We could use the rain. Sigh!


threecollie said...

Linda, thanks, and please take all you want of the rain. Grizzling and grumbling again today after a yesterday with only a few short breaks of sun. I feel all wintry.

Cathy, ah, so you are missing your boy too now. Sorry, I know how that oges. We do get some days without the rain but it is so pervasive. Makes me very gloomy. Cold and soggy again today. Bah humbug.

Linda, he is a pistol...and a half... he was caprioling around the lawn just before I took that., I don't know how Becky hangs on to him.