Tuesday, July 03, 2012


We put some heifers up the hill yesterday and they promptly destroyed the fence. Thus the boss and I spent several hours repairing it. (He repaired; I kept the new heifers from charging him.) I thought this tree bark was kind of interesting. Do you know what kind it is?


Woodswalker said...

I cheated and peeked, but I was going to say "Corn Flake Tree," which is another name for Wild Black Cherry.

June said...

Well, no point in me trying another guess after WW's weighed in! :-)

Cathy said...

Dang! I could feel the texture! But I just couldn't remember!

threecollie said...

Well done WW, I knew you would know. Never heard that name but I will remember it. So fitting!

June. lol

Cathy, the whole woods up there is full of them, but this one just stood out somehow. Hope you and Keith had a nice holiday