Monday, July 23, 2012

The Shirt

We were walking over from the barn last night, quite a drove of us with Alan home and all, when the boss said, "I'll eat my shirt if it doesn't rain tonight."

As farmers do, we looked at the sky. There were a few promising clouds, but there was no scent of water on the air, no sharpening breeze or tempting little chill....nah, we all said...ain't gonna happen.

And so we came inside and started picking out the shirt. Although Alan and I actually trekked to the laundromat after camp, washed the  blankets and soggy swimsuits and all, along with a week's worth of farm laundry, there is always at least one shirt around here that you probably wouldn't want served up with your meat and potatoes.

We had it all planned, how it wasn't going to rain, and we would hand him the shirt in the morning....maybe allow him a bottle of ketchup, or maybe even mayo.

Then along about ten o'clock there was a little susurrus outside the kitchen window. 

It WAS raining.....The kids went outside and whooped and hollered and danced around in it. After four or five years of monsoons, it felt strange to be glad of a rainstorm.

Saved by the drips.

It didn't amount to much...a sheen on the hood of the truck, a trickle for the starving flowerbeds, a glimmer for the dying grass, but at least it dampened down the dust a little bit.


lisa said...

You are so lucky to get some rain, we didn't get any here, and Ralph is lucky he didn't have to eat his shirt ;)

Linda said...

LOL constipation wouldn't have been a good thing if it hadn't rained. Lucky man.

Terry and Linda said...

Some people just know...water runs in their veins! YAY for the rain and for Ralph to NOT have to eat his shirt!


Ed said...

Every little drop counts..:-)
Would he have a burgundy or chardanay with that shirt..:-)

NumberWise said...

Yes, every little drop counts! I was outside when that 10 PM shower started, and it scared the daylights out of me! What's that noise??? It took a while for ma to recognize the sound of rain drops!

threecollie said...

lisa, as of last night, I'll bet you have lots. lol

Linda, he woulda been a hurtin' unit. lol

Linda, he really lucked out. I am still kind of afraid of rain after the years of flooding, but it was horribly dry.'

Ed, why, milk of course. lol

NW, you got it exactly right! It started up with a hard downpour when we were finishing up chores and I didn't know what it was.

Cathy said...

I love the way your family is a unit . . from milking, to haying, to worrying, to puppying, to laughing . . .

I think you know how blessed you are.

PS. Hope that shirt appreciates its reprieve.