Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Little Bit Hawkish

 I was out fencing with Alan and stopped to snap a couple of pics of this tree in the heifer pasture. It is a big favorite of mine, with lovely gnarled roots that hold a small stream in their clutches and a gorgeous shape that begs to be photographed.

Right click for a better look

Whap! This red-tailed hawk, actually HIT the tree as I was pointing and clicking. It was the work of an instant to turn the camera to capture his attempted get away from this ticked off mockingbird.

There is something so David and Goliath about a feisty little songbird routing a big old raptor like that.


Cathy said...

No way! It actually hit that tree!?

Great pix of the chase!

I'm soooo bad at raptor ID's. Is it maybe an immature red-tail?

Too tired this AM to go to the ID page :)

Ruth said...

Lucky! Nice shot!

We had a turkey vulture (slowly) soar directly over head the other day, and me without my camera and a dog leash in each hand *sigh*

Caroline said...

I've had a young red-tail in the neighborhood the past couple of days who has spent the day hollering. He is fully as big as parents, flies well and thinks he should be waited on for chow, I guess. The robins don't seem to see him as a threat because they aren't doing the mockingbird thing.

lisa said...

Great picture!

June said...

Wow! Just wow!
Little birds have so much heart, don't they? to chase away giants like that.

threecollie said...

Cathy, slapped right into the branches right in front of me! And yes, it was a red tailed. I don't think it was a juvie though. The photo doesn't do it justice but it was quite bright red on the tail.

Ruth, thanks. Boy, me too. I swear I have seen a bald eagle at least six times this summer and want to be sure for my little count. Every single time I have either had the puppy or an arm load of wet laundry. Dagnabbit!

Caroline, lol we used to have one that would walk around the windrows in the hay field trying to catch mice and squeeze them in his talons. It was pretty funny.

Lisa, thanks, a lucky one.

June, mockers are like little flying Robin Hoods protecting the whole neighborhood. I love to watch them!