Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 These are for Cathy who mentioned an interest in them. This big ol' thumbnail-sized spidey is hanging around on the clothesline, hiding on a clothes pin. He, well, prolly really a she, is absurdly tame, but magnificently ugly. Right click if you really want to get personal.

And this is a box elder bug nymph we saw when fencing the other day. Not much to look at but better than a spider at least.


Cathy said...

Ewwww . . . ;)

Only a mother could love some of these critters.

OK. . .OK . . I'm taking a stab at it . .

I think Neoscona, but trust me - I am no expert.

Copy and past this . . see what you think:

Cathy said...

Rewind! Having clicked on those awesome shots.

Second opinion:

Cat-faced spider
Araneus Gemmoides


Toll ya I was no xpert :)

lisa said...

ewww, even if it is ugly, you did good on the pictures!

Cathy said...

Should'a stayed with my first hunch!

BugGuide has ID'ed it as Neoscona Cucifera,


Terry and Linda said...

Your macro is excellent...I'll take the box elder...you can keep the spider.


threecollie said...

Cathy, thanks so much for sending it to Bug Guide. by the time I checked the second time it had been ID'd. What a nefarious looking creature~

Lisa, thanks

Linda, thanks, I feel the same way about it, but I couldn't resist photographing it. lol

June said...

I clicked on the photos and clicked again, and observed that the poor spidey looks like a cactus, but I could in no way find a FACE.
I'm glad somebody else identified it for us.