Friday, August 03, 2012

Gathering, Growing, Storing

The men have been at it this morning and early afternoon. Planting the last field of sorghum, gathering in...or actually baling...a field of hay...and Alan has been storing the hay that has been made already in nice rows in the mow. It is too much for the boss to store it alone when the boy is in NYC so he has been just dumping it in. Now it will be right and tight, safer to get it out and easier to assess what is up there.

The girls are shopping and running errands...there is a wedding in the offing you know. And food is often needed even here where we grow a lot of our own.

 I am just holding down the fort, bookkeeping, housekeeping, food preparation, lots and lots of laundry, making up for two days out with Alan on the fence, which was, but fun....and now my own work, which spent those two days piling up, is keeping me busy.

Take care....


Terry and Linda said...

Boy do I ever first (which I am more than happy to do) then what HAS to be done, after that whatever I can get to as I get time.


threecollie said...

Linda, exactly! I get behind a lot. lol