Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gathering In

As you can see from these photos the wild fruits and nuts are filling up and ripening. Above are hawthorn "apples" (not to be eaten by folks) and below are wild cherries, which I also don't eat, but the birds and wildlife do. So far haven't seen many acorns, but there is a good crop of black walnuts on the trees out front. 

Our apple trees have fruit, but it is small and gnarly and not looking very tempting. Might get some jelly just the same but not for a while yet. The tame grapes on the fruit salad tree look pretty good and not quite as high as usual. Maybe this year Alan will be home to get some for me.

Hoping to get at least one more bushel of corn to freeze and whatever else we can find. The stuff I froze last week isn't going to last long as it is as sweet as sugar and just plain tasty.

On the bird front it is almost as calm as Christmas Eve, nothing happening much. The chickadees are back though and I am pretty sure Depeche Toi and Hurry Up are still among them. They practically land on my head while I am hanging out laundry, which would seem to be an indication.

And how about the spiders this year! They like the clothesline too and are just as tame and friendly as the chickadees....erk.....I have photos of one the size of my thumbnail, but my thumb is much better looking. 

I spray and sweep the living room and the next day the Irish Crape is back tenfold. I hate sweeping the darned things down. I feel creepy crawly all day.

Well, have a good one. The pup is untying the chair cushions again and I must put a stop to that.


Breezey375 said...

i would if i were you be glad the dog doesn't have thumbs..

threecollie said...

B, if that dog had thumbs we would be living on the lawn and he would have the keys to the freezer

Dani said...

We'd all be in trouble if our dogs had thumbs.

Cathy said...

That thumb business is a hoot :-D
. . . living out on the lawn . . !


Thank you. I needed a laugh this AM.

BTW . . .TC . . . did you ever ID those crape-making spideys?

In the past years I've developed a little more patience with and interest in them. Just don't want 'em to surprise me.

Ruth said...

I'm eternally gratefully my dogs don't have thumbs....

Our fruit is looking pretty peckish here too. Pears are a bust, apples....well, we didn't get the sprayed in time, never mind the late frost, what DID grow is pretty gross looking. The wild cherry tree in the way back is happy though, go figure.

threecollie said...

Dani, I shudder to think!

Cathy, we have the white kind that live indoors and the brown kind that live indoors. hate them all with a passion. Only because they make a mess and bite. If they were outdoors I would be fine with them. I have some pics of a very ugly one that was on the clothesline the other day. Will post as soon as I get them off the camera

Ruth, you betcha on the dog thing. Lordy, we have a border collie and an English shepherd in the house. The BC is a good old guy and would probably do the dishes and dust and cook. The ES, OMG, OMG, OMG, I don't even want to think about it. lol

Terry and Linda said...

Lots of none spider showings here, they may show up yet. Our baby swallows haven't fledged yet and I'm a tad worried for them...I hope we have a very long fall.


Cathy said...

Ahhhh . . . I'll bet that 'white' spider may be the sac spider. It's the first bug I posted to BugGuide. We've been in this house since '76 and they've always been a presence. Some spiders I'll let be . . but yes, I know the sac spider's bite is somewhat problematic.