Monday, August 13, 2012

Shorter and more Southern

The days that is. Even if I oversleep the sun isn't up yet when I arise. And it is coming up halfway down the side of the old horse pasture instead of up behind the neighbor's house. It is shrouded in low clouds most days and dull, not bright with summer glee. 

I am very much not ready for any of this.

Birds are gone or at least on hiatus. Instead of a tangled macrame weaving of songs out in the front yard, hard to decipher, but as interesting as an ancient tapestry of sound, it is now easy to pick out three or four calls. Great crested fly catcher, gold finch, cat bird, blue jay....there isn't much to see or hear so I don't sit on the porch much now. Used to be more interesting than reality TV. Much more. Now....nada. Where is June when you need it?

An odd, thick, bluish mist is snaking down across the heifer pasture even now, obscuring cows and damping off what sun there is.

I am not ready for this.


Dani said...

Better start getting my feeders ready. :)

threecollie said...

Dani, it is so dreary with them silent.