Saturday, August 04, 2012

Sorting off the Interlopers


Last night Liz 'n' Jade and Alan were standing around outside the milk house talking while Beck turned out cows and I saved calf milk. The boss was milking "bucket" cows. I went out to open the heifer pasture gate and put up the electric fence.....

Pet cows tend to see people who are standing still as folks in need of a job. Thus old Heather was by Liz, holding her head just right for scratching and a tame young heifer, Clair, was getting Jade to pet her. Both cows were behind the speakers, just sneaking a little social grooming, and not intruding on the conversation much.

Liz offered to do the gates for me, so I paused for a minute to laugh about the cows hanging around the folks just as if they were joining the conversation. 

As soon as Liz left, Heather, deprived of attention, came over to Alan. However, he didn't suit her, so she very carefully, very sneakily, tip-toed over behind Jade. She stuck her head neatly between him and Clair, and then sliced that heifer away from him like a surgeon. She probably weighs at least 900 pounds...possibly more, she is good-sized for a Jersey...but she squeezed herself between him and Clair so neatly that he didn't even notice the exchange. Didn't bump him in the slightest, although she physically moved Clair plenty.

Soon he was petting a big ol' Jersey head instead of a young Holstein and Clair was wondering what the heck happened. I was the only other one who noticed and got a good laugh out of it.


Floridacracker said...

Heehee ... she's a master of cowvert activity.

threecollie said...

FC, she is! She gives about two cups of milk a day yet even the boss doesn't talk about selling her. lol

Terry and Linda said...

The Boss Cow...she must be! One I would love to scratch!


Cathy said...

That is just . . . can't quite name it . . . 'darling' doesn't work for a 900 lb. cow . . but 'hilarious' isn't right either because it's just so much more.

Heck. It's even 'touching' that a cow wants scratched.


But your imagery of slicing like a surgeon . . . now 'that's' . . . hilarious :)

threecollie said...

Linda, she is a little bit of a boss, but too small to rule many Holsteins. She doesn't need to much though, as the other old show cows look out for her. They must form a bond off at the fair, because they are tied at opposite ends of the stable, but old Mandy will see to it that she can get up to the feeder wagon just the same.

Cathy, I sure laughed. She was so sneaky and smug about it too. Poor Clair didn't know what happened....of course for Clair that is not so very unusual. She couldn't buy a clue if she had a pocket full of gold.