Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yogurt Summit and Thruway Tolls

At the Egg. for the yogurt talks. This seems like an oddly appropriate venue for such a discussion. It is great that Governor Cuomo is addressing the burgeoning yogurt industry in the state by trying to ease regulatory burdens on farmers. 

****It would be even better if someone addressed the outrageous abusers of the milk pricing system who keep prices below the cost of production by selling imaginary cheese on the CME.

And there is also a hearing on the proposed 45% increase in Thruway tolls for big trucks. The governor may consider this to be "modest" but the word outrageous comes to mind for me. This will affect farms as well as trucking companies as milk trucks will be impacted.

So will everyone who eats or uses goods transported by trucks, because you can bet that transport companies aren't going to be eating that modest little increase.


Jan said...

I'm constantly astounded at people who think if the tax doesn't hit them that they are not affected by it.

threecollie said...

Jan, when I talk to some of my kid's friends I despair. They don't even quite get what they hear on the TV news